These 7 Unusual Things You Can Store On Walls

These 7 Unusual Things You Can Store On Walls

These 7 Unusual Things You Can Store On Walls

Thinking of what a combination it would be if you could bring art and storage together at one common place? What are the walls for? MakaaniQ lists seven things you never thought you could store on walls and flaunt them as an artwork of their own kind:

Hang them up

Furniture on wall

(Google Images)

With space becoming a concern for many homeowners, we find it difficult to accommodate furniture, which otherwise is important when hosting a bunch of guests. Did you invest in foldable furniture which you keep under your bed and bring out in times you need it? It's time to showoff this furniture in a unique way. Hang them on the walls. Foldable furniture that largely includes chairs and tables is compact and not heavy and can easily be hung on the walls using nails.

Ride up the wall

bicycle on wall(aplaceforeverything.co.uk)

Has your little one been asking for a bicycle so that he can enjoy a ride every evening with his friends but you have been putting off the plan due to space constraints indoors and theft is a concern for outdoors? Well, this could be of help. Create a space on your foyer wall by creating some customised holders that can take the weight of the vehicle. Now, go ahead and hang their favourite bicycle which doesn't clutter your home, and is easy to be picked everytime they plan to go for a ride.

Colour them with nutrients

Fruit basket on wall(Google Images)

Market is full of interesting baskets that have a provision of being hung on the wall. Use one of the walls on your kitchen and place these baskets. Now, fill them with vegetables and fruits that are frequently used for consuming and don't need refrigeration. This will not just help you organise them in one place but also add colour to your kitchen naturally.

Artwork in kitchen

utensils on wall(Wholekitchen.es)

Running out of space to give your everyday pans a dedicated cabinet for storage? Rather than placing them on the kitchen top everytime you clean them, you could hang them on an empty wall. All you would need is systematically placed nails on the wall. So, once the pans are hung on the wall it almost looks like an artwork.

Musical instruments

Guitar on wall(Blogspot)

Your passion for making music got you into buying expensive musical instruments but now the passion is gone and you are thinking what should you do with these instruments lying in your bedroom? Turn them into an art installation. Use your living room wall to create an accent wall. Place a patterned wallpaper on the wall, get some focus lights and place that array of guitars, flute and keyboard on the wall.

Wine cellar on the wall

wine cellar on wall(beveragefactory.com)

Do you have a group of friends that host wine tasting sessions? This time invite them to your very own cellar and flaunt the on-the-wall installation. Create a wooden frame for the wall that you plan to place your bottles and glasses on. The frame should have holes that can perfectly fit the bottles and glasses to create the right look.

Flaunt it still

jewellery on wall(itsaluvthing.typepad.com)

Is your jewellery box flooding and you again went out to shop for some more jewellery? It's time to fix things up, on the wall. Use your wall next to the dressing area and start hanging your favourite pieces on the wall one by one. Use a mix of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets among others to create a chic look. This will also help you keep away from the tangled pieces that cause a trouble when getting dressed for the day.

Last Updated: Thu Feb 16 2017

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