The Void: 7 Architectural Marvels That Have A Hole

The Void: 7 Architectural Marvels That Have A Hole

The Void: 7 Architectural Marvels That Have A Hole

How monotonous would it be if all the buildings across the world, though differently shaped, were one chunk of a tall structure, especially in modern architecture where a majority of the structures are skyscrapers. Many architects changed the shape of the building or introduced something unusual on to the exterior. Some others introduced a void.

Yes, a void. Some architects took a bold step of removing a section altogether from a structure and introduced a hole.

MakaaniQ lists some striking and bold structures across the globe that is seen as daring works of modern-day architecture:

CCTV Tower, Beijing

CCTV Towers Beijing(Dreamstime)

The structure of this building, designed by Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren in 2008, is like an illusion that we all must have seen. Look from far off and the building would look like two L structures standing upside down next to each other and are intersecting on the top. Thus, a hole created between. After its completion in 2012, CCTV Tower has been an iconic structure standing in the middle of the city.

Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris

Grande Arche de la Défense(Dreamstime)

A structure that takes inspiration from the iconic Arc de Triomphe in France, Grande Arche de la Défense was opened to public in 1989. It stands as the bicentennial of the French Revolution. It is 360 ft tall and was designed by Danish architect, Johan Otto von Spreckelsen.

Guangzhou Circle, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Circle(Dreamstime)

One of the boldest structures with a hole in the centre is this 452-ft tall circular building. It almost looks like a life-size doughnut and was designed by the Italian architect, Joseph di Pasquale. It is located on the bank of Pearl River.

The two circular facades support suspended groups of storeys which square a perfect circumference of the facades.


Hamburg Science Center, Hamburg

Hamburg Science Centre(OMA)

Hamburg Science Centre is still in the conceptualisation stage. But, another example of stacked modular blocks, the centre will be designed by OMA with a hollow in the centre giving it a contemporary look.

Opus Office Tower, Dubai

Opus Office Tower(listhub.net)

Designed by the celebrated architect Late Zaha Hadid, Opus Office Tower is an under-construction structure coming up in the Business Bay area of Dubai, lying close to iconic Burj Khalifa. A mixed-use property, it will house apartments as well as office spaces, and hotel. The structure is expected to be completed by end of this 2020, it has a unique void that is fluid and curvaceous in nature.

The Mirador, Madrid

The Mirador(Dreamstime)

A life-size modular structure, The Mirador is designed by Dutch firm MVRDV. It is a stack of units put together for residential purpose. It boasts a garden and scenic views of the nearby Guadarrama Mountains. It is built in an area of 23,000 sq m with 21 floors and 165 apartments. The hollow at the level 12 is utilised to create a sky plaza where the residents can have community and other public activities.

World Financial Center, Shanghai

World Financial Tower Shanghai(Dreamstime)

The design of this structure has been called "genius" by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. At 1,614 ft, the world's eight tallest structure is a mixed use property that houses offices, retail spaces, and Park Hyatt hotel. It was designed by New York–based firm KPF. The construction of this structure began in 1997 and was opened to public in 2008.

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