The Role Wall Colours Play In Your Life

The Role Wall Colours Play In Your Life

The Role Wall Colours Play In Your Life

From our wardrobe to the walls of our homes, everything is a reflection of the colours we like. As the cliché goes, you would find plenty of pink in a woman's wardrobe and a lot of blue in a man's. However, colours are totally a personal choice — a woman might love blues and a man might adore pink. As the practitioners of colour therapy point out, your choice of colours actually indicates what your personal needs are. However, we often take our preference for a colour too far, and that, say experts, may not be a good idea. This rule applies to your wardrobe as well as bathroom walls. The play of colours should be such that keeps us in perfect harmony with the universe, say Vastu experts.  This is why it is recommended that be more open and innovative when it comes to colour selection for your wall paint.

Why so?

You love the colour red and would like to give it a dominant position when you paint your home. A good idea as long as you are using a coral red shade in the south direction, say Vastu experts. The colour red boosts your appetite and its moderate use is also recommended for painting the dining area. As far as other parts of your home are concerned, this colour is better avoided, if you are the kind who is easily provoked and needs calming of nervous most of the times.

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Vastu experts and chroma therapists are all unanimous in their opinion of keeping while as the preferred colour to paint ceilings — white is the colour that is the reflection of sunlight, giving you energy and calmness of mind at the same time. This is also the ideal colour to paint walls falling in east, the direction ruled by the Sun, and the north-west, the direction ruled by Jupiter, say Vastu experts.

Most men may have an aversion to the colour pink, but before you say no to it while planning your home décor, we do want to remind you that this is the colour that can give a boost to your love life. Ideally, colour pink should be your preferred choice for painting your bedroom. In case pink is a complete no-no for you, consider using other light colours such as light yellow, light green or peach. Bottom line: stick with light shades to have a good night's sleep.

For those areas of your home that are the central points of activity, colour orange is an ideal choice. Be it your children's room or your excercising corner, a shade of orange will certainly add more to the enthusiasm and energy levels. But, what if heavy workout is not your thing? You are a practitioner of Yog and meditation and need a calming impact. In such a case, light shades of blue, purple or lavender should be our choices. These colours are sure to boost your concentration and create a perfect peaceful atmosphere for you walk towards to spiritual path. The same colour theme would do for temples and puja rooms, too.

As far as children's room is concerned, shades of green and yellow would also have a great impact on your little ones. While the colour green signifies growth, yellow makes stability. A colour scheme that combined the two in perfect harmony would create an ideal atmosphere for your children to grow.

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We do understand that you love all the shades of black and grey and would like to use them as much as possible. However, keep these options limited because these colours could also cause you depression.  We would not want our wall paint to add to our worries, would we? The same rule applies to dirty and muddy shades of a colour.  

Last Updated: Tue Jan 29 2019

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