The Infinite Bridge Of Arahus

The Infinite Bridge Of Arahus

The Infinite Bridge Of Arahus

The bridge looks like a simple circular wooden deck that starts and goes on connecting the site of the previous docking site and the sea beach. There is no start and end to the bridge. It goes on in a circle infinitely like there is no end and no start. The Infinite Bridge was designed by the Danish studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter as the part of the design exhibition in connection with the international biennial, Sculpture by the Sea, which takes place in Aarhus' scenic coastal countryside.  Let's take a look at the features of the Infinite Bridge.

  • It is a continuous never-ending promenade of 60 identical wooden parts, supported by steel pillars which are fixed into sea floor two kilometres below. The height depends on the sea tide.
  • The curve of the bridge follows the mouth of a small river valley extending to the coast and it aligns with the contours of the scenery.
  • The bridge creates a link between the present and the specific historic site. It touches the landing dock of the previous pier which was used to dock the boats that used to ferry people from the city for relaxation.
  • The bridge has a symbolic value as this was the point people used to arrive to unwind and it also allows the visitors to the get a panoramic view of the otherwise inaccessible part of the sea.
  • The coast has popular destination Varna Pavilion that is situated on the hillside. The forest-facing pavilion was meant to be enjoyed from the dock at the pier, which no longer exists.
Last Updated: Tue Feb 14 2017

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