The 7 Types Of Beds

The 7 Types Of Beds

The 7 Types Of Beds

You are excited to design your bedroom with the best of things — furniture, wallpaper, cabinets and decorative. But, what kind of bed should you invest in?

Well, you can pick one of these seven options:

Four-poster bed


A trend that was introduced in the 16th century still finds place in many homes. If you have given a classic European look to your bedroom with pastel colours and big prints, this style would fit well. Usually made of the oak wood, these beds have four poles attached that can be carved to enhance the look. Larger than usual in size, these fit well if your bedroom is well spread. If you are looking at a contemporary version of four-poster beds, you could replace the wood with metal.

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Platform bed


These long-legged beds used to be in vogue when beds were not supposed to provide storage yet.  However, they are not out of fashion even today. And guess what, these days they make it using detachable legs. While the long legs make the platform much stronger by extending support, the detachable ones allow to turn the bed into a box bed. Versatile in nature, these beds fit perfectly in a big or even in a contemporary set up. What's more? They allow easy access to the underneath space for cleaning purposes.

Box bed


Simple in design, box beds are common in contemporary households purely for the fact that they provide you ample space to store. The whole bed is largely made of one frame, while you could choose the box type — side opening drawers or top opening boxes. These fit well in all types of setting and are apt for those who don't like to indulge in excessive styling. But here is a little tip, put an elaborate headboard and style it up.

Bunk bed


These are apt for children's room. What if you have a single child? The lower floor could be transformed into a study space for your little one. These beds are apt for rooms that have space constraints or rooms where the residents would want more floor space for the children to play and study. Moreover, going up and down the ladder could make going to bed an adventure. What else, they can also solve storage issues.

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Canopy bed


This bed is like the four-poster one, with a slight difference — the four posts in case of canopy beds are connected. To enhance the look, flowing fabric like muslin, net or chiffon can be draped to create the canopy look. These beds are suitable for spacious bedrooms.

Floor bed

mattress on the floor(Meramattress.com)

These are commonly found in our Indian homes. We can easily create a lounging space for ourselves by spreading mattresses directly on the floor. Apart from the informal comfort it allows you, a floor bed also gives your home a bohemian look. If you want to make some improvements, you could create a platform.


sofa cum bed

These are a perfect fit for those who live in a studio apartment or those who have a small bedroom. These beds, when not in use, can easily be folded and turned into a sofa. These are available in two styles, completely foam-based structures or wooden ones. 

Last Updated: Tue Feb 28 2017

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