Technology's March Into Our Homes

Technology's March Into Our Homes

Technology's March Into Our Homes

In today's time and age, technology has become a necessary evil. All of a sudden the many gadgets that have entered the market have become an all-pervasive subculture and it's difficult to imagine our lives without them. Right from shutting down the alarm clock when get up in the morning to switching off the lights before we go to sleep at night, it is technology we use every second of the day. Whether technology does more harm than good is debatable, but the truth is we cannot imagine our lives without our gadgets and devices.

MakaanIQ lists the pros and cons of technology in our home.


Money saver: Technology is integral to whatever we do, whether it's big or small. The Internet of Things has made our lives much easier. Without having to step out of your house, you can buy veggies, groceries and everything under the sun. This saves a lot of time and money.

Improves efficiency: Increased dependence on technology has made it easier to monitor, protect and automate our homes. The appliances and devices that dot your house help you carry out daily errands more effectively, and without breaking sweat.

Better communication: The world has blended into one single fabric. Our homes have become the new workplace, courtesy the internet. Your smartphone is your window to the world. People may be geographically faraway, but they have virtually landed on our phones and laptops.


Security flaws: With the influx of technology comes the whole new breed of hackers and criminals, who know how to hack your computer or how to digitally pick your smartphone-operated main door of the house. Although companies are investing a lot in their R&D (research and development) departments, it will take some time before things become hack-proof.

A generation of laziness: Our gadgets and devices have made us lazy because everything can be done with a click of a button or a gentle touch. With apps to help us accomplish chore — from cleaning of the house to compiling list of the groceries — life is indeed very easy.

Need to change constantly: With the ever-emerging technology, old appliances and gadgets quickly run their course and become obsolete. No wonder, you had spent a fortune on app-operated pet feeder last summer, the technology would want you to upgrade to its latest version.

Privacy takes a hit: Technology adversely affects privacy but people hardly get to know its repercussions. The irony is that for technology to work efficiently, you have to share your details. Knowing a complete stranger is just a matter of few clicks, before you know his personal details, professional history and his last holiday destination.  

Last Updated: Tue Jun 28 2016

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