Technology You Can Soon Expect In Indian Real Estate Industry

Technology You Can Soon Expect In Indian Real Estate Industry

Technology You Can Soon Expect In Indian Real Estate Industry

Given the pace at which technology is making inroads into our living space, automation is no more the future, rather it is very much the present. Awe-inspiring technology are making our everyday lives easy and efficient.

So, if you are curious by now about the technology that will be revolutionising the real estate industry, here's a brief:

Private networks and keyless entries

Forget the keys in your pocket, it is time to use weather-resistant, push button, internet-equipped, facial-capture as security features, or all these in one. It is time to say goodbye to the traditional front doors with keylock and latch, and welcome the keyless modern doors. These doors can be useful in cases where you are keen on a private, closed network within your home. The Internet would help you keep your house intact and communicate with you as well. Be it vehicle detection or security, lighting, temperature control – just about anything and your private network will keep you updated about every untoward happening at home in your absence.


Roomba and Scooba are here to your rescue. The two robots specialise in vacuuming your floor and washing your floor, respectively. There is Looj, too. It can clean up gutters. Then comes ConnectR that has a camera and speakerphone and so much more. Robots have already got into the American households and it wouldn't be long before they have their Indian counterparts making way into our homes. And not just end users, recently, the news that robots could be hired into the construction industry with a capacity to lay as many as 3,000 bricks per day has created quite an excitement. This robot called SAM or Semi-Automated Mason has been developed by New York-based firm, Construction Robotics.

Robotic cleaner brands are now increasingly gaining ground in among Indian homebuyers, too. In fact, the Gurgaon-based company that manufactures brands such as RoboCop and SuperBot claimed their sales was impressive. These were in fact 'maid replacers'.

Smart loos

On one hand, we talk about Open Defecation Free India, on the other, smart toilets are doing the rounds. Heard about a toilet seat that lets you detect whether you have any health conditions that needs attention. Yes, this could very well be 'doctor-in-your-washroom' concept. A Japanese company came out with Flowsky, something that could do exactly this and more. Popular brand, Kohler also introduced toilet seats that could act as air dryers, deodorizers, foot warmers, and come with ambient lighting, remote control, emergency flush, heated seating and yes, a music system to play pre-programmed music.

Smart glass

Is your glass room too bright or hot? Perhaps that expedited the birth of smart glasses. Such glasses negate the need of curtains as the glass can automatically control the lighting inside the room. So now you can sit back and regulate the ambience and temperature to suit your need. It can also significantly reduce the energy bill you are used to paying.

What's more, these could be either regulated through switches, apps or even voice.

Last Updated: Wed May 17 2017

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