Take Your Pick From These Trending Summer Décor Prints

Take Your Pick From These Trending Summer Décor Prints

Take Your Pick From These Trending Summer Décor Prints

From exotic metallic themes to simple motifs inspired by nature, there are a host of décor prints and styles that can give your home a summery look and feel.

Alankrutha, Architect, N’Hance by Navin’s, recommends these summer eécor prints that perfectly blend opulence with the essence of nature elements.

Take cues from nature

With the summers it’s always a play of colours. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in, the family of greens ranging from teal, lime to army green are back in vogue.

When it comes to colours, they are divided into various categories as well. Like there are colours that represent the fiery sun and some that represent the calmness of still water. As summer lets you imagine, explore hues which include shades that fall along a lighter shade; colours like yellow, green, orange can give your home a fresh and elevated feel, enhancing the overall aura.

Paralleling the sunshine is definitely in. Welcome sunshine into your homes with sunset yellow colours in upholstery, pillows, curtain, accessories and wall art, for a vibrant energetic environment in your indoor spaces. Rejuvenating design trends definitely comes with a riot of colours. Imbue some summer joy with the brightness of some tanginess - sunny yellows, tango oranges, and lime greens are a few exciting hues that boost any space.

Try floral patterns

Summer is the perfect time of the year to gift your home with a touch of flora and fauna thereby bringing some life in! Introduce them in corners, balconies, table tops, bedside, kitchen top’s wash counters. And they add some touch of serenity in the sunny days. The scent of flowers and freshness of the green plants add some scent and aura to the spaces.

Let light in

Since summer has longer days, bringing in natural illumination will tag along some energy, vibrance and brightness into your space.

Ditch the drapes

Dress your windows with light sheer curtains, floral prints and bright shades that offer a dreamy summer set up and feel in the space.

Light the lamps

For the evenings, opt for some Himalayan rock salt lamps by your bedside or your coffee table, some trellis candle holders or scented candles which help create a relaxing vibe in your space.

Touch of metallic elements

Gold and copper are best when paired with fuchsia pink and lime greens. This combo creates a rich, vibrant and balanced look for your summer themed décor. You could include metallic elements in accessories, wall art, frames, cushion covers, embellishments on upholstery, lights etc.

Air Fresheners

The scent of summers is easy to replicate. Make your room smell fresh like summertime with some DIY room fresheners with essential oils. For the day add some potpourri, citrus-flavoured fresheners.

Go minimal

It’s crucial to de-clutter, bring in openness, airy and cool sensation into your space. Opt for an open setting with furniture, accessories and other elements. Avoid mass creating elements like huge recliners, leathery finishes, heavy upholstery that suit more of a winter set up.

Last Updated: Wed Jul 11 2018

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