7 Stylish Finishes For Your Wardrobe Door

7 Stylish Finishes For Your Wardrobe Door

7 Stylish Finishes For Your Wardrobe Door

Like any other furniture in your home, a wardrobe is also a vital part of the decor. Designed to provide ample storage on the inside, wardrobes need to look stylish and in-sync with the theme of the particular room where the wardrobe is. There is a wide range of finishes that are available in the market today that can be used for wardrobe designing. But, which one should you choose?

MakaaniQ lists seven finishes that apt for various decor themes across different rooms in your home:



Made of thin layers of natural wood, veneer is a finish that is closest to wood. Those looking for a classic look, either modern or traditional, could opt for veneer for their wardrobe. Veneer works well for rooms that are designed in dark colour. In terms of maintenance, veneer requires regular care as it is prone to scratches. It also has to be re-polished from time to time.



Among the most commonly used varieties, laminate gives your wardrobe the wood finish without being heavy on your pocket. It is available in various colours and finishes such as matte and gloss which makes it an apt choice for any kind of decor theme. Laminate is convenient, too. It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The only drawback in case of a laminate is that in case it chips, you will have to replace the entire sheet.

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Lacquer or polyurethane paint is one of the best ways if you want to paint your wardrobe. It is available in various colours, is durable and easy to maintain. Providing a glossy finish to the wardrobe, lacquer paint can work well for homes with a European decor that is known vivid colours.



Using mirror for a wardrobe door solves two purposes. You could use for dressing up and also concealing what’s in your wardrobe. Mirror doors are apt for rooms with a small space. First, you will not have to install a dressing table and second, the reflection of the room in the mirror will give the illusion of a bigger room. However, using mirror would mean that you will have to be careful and maintain it well. Cleaning the mirror at least once a week will keep the handprints and dust away.



Glass goes well with contemporary themes that are all about minimalism. These wardrobe doors add a sense of lightness to the room. However, when using glass, you will have to be particularly careful about the upkeep of the things inside the wardrobe. Neatly placed clothes and other accessories will become important or else the complete room would start looking messy. Also, glass will have to be maintained well, cleaned from time to time and used carefully.

Stainless steel


Stainless steel wardrobe doors are a trend that is catching up fast. Sturdy and modern, stainless steel works well for rooms that have a minimal theme. The reflective finish adds up to the stylish quotient of the room. The material is long lasting and requires minimum maintenance.



Give your room a classy and a luxurious makeover by adding leather to your wardrobe’s door that covers an entire wall. Leather is available in endless colour, finish and pattern options that make it easy for anyone to fit in this material to a particular decor theme. To complete the look, you could add the same leather you use for wardrobe to make the headboard of the bed. Leather, however, easy to maintain has to be of good quality to last long. In case it chips, you will have to replace the complete sheet.

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Last Updated: Thu Apr 25 2019

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