5 Steps To Embrace Vegan Home Décor

5 Steps To Embrace Vegan Home Décor

5 Steps To Embrace Vegan Home Décor

Veganism, a practice of not using any products made or sourced from animals, is being followed by many around the world in their daily diet. This new way of living has now moved out of people’s kitchens and moved to the complete household. Yes, people are now turning vegan in their home décor, too. It is a fad that has picked up pace in the last two years across various countries in the West and is now making waves in the Indian décor market, too. 

While a majority of the Indian homes have sought Vegan home décor for many decades now mostly because animal products come at a premium cost; currently, people are adopting Veganism as they are becoming more environment-conscious.

Abhineet Seth, founder and CEO of Abodekraftz, says, “Veganism has been in Indian homes for centuries. We don’t see many homes that have decorative or furniture made of animal products such as leather or fur. This has been because of the cost factor as well as the religious restraints. We still see many carpenters informing in advance that they will not allow any leather work in their workshops.” 

For those who want to shun away the animal-derived home decorative at home and imbibe a vegan home décor, here are five ways to go about it.

Invest in natural textiles


Really care about animals? You need to do away with certain fabrics used in your home décor. These include suede, silk, leather, down (feathers used in pillows) and wool. You could always find their cruelty-free alternatives that could fill in their place. For example, if you want to give your furniture a luxurious look through leather, look for the faux version. The faux leather is machine-made using synthetics. In place of silk curtains, invest in cotton or linen that can be easy on the pocket, too. Most of the furnishing brands today offer down-free pillows as well.

Laminated furniture will not work


Did you know the glue used in sticking laminate sheets to beautify your furniture has animal by-products? A vegan home will have to have furniture that doesn’t use laminate covering. However, to ensure that your raw wood furniture does have a luxurious finish, make sure you get a wood polish that is not tested animals. Or, you could also use reclaimed wood to give your furniture a vintage look.


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Paint them vegan


Paints used to colour the home generally contain shellac, which comes from the female lac beetle; ox gall, which comes from cows; and casein, which is derived from milk. However, now after toxic-free paints, the paint manufacturers are now coming up with vegan options, too. These paints do not contain animal-derived products and are also not tested on them. Though there is a limited number of brands launching this product, in times to come we expect a wider range of vegan paints. 

Say ‘no’ to cruelty-free fresheners and cleaning products

Home Cleaning

Products ranging from toilet cleaners to kitchen cleaning soaps and from candles to air fresheners, are either made using animal products or are animal-tested. Be careful of what you pick for your home. The market today has a range of cleaners that are not animal-tested. Make sure you read the ingredients and the statement that says, ‘Not tested on animals.’ 

Candle lovers must know these are made of beeswax or paraffin wax, an animal-derived stearic acid. So, in order to go vegan, you will have to shun these and buy soy candles instead.

Remodel to bring in nature


Is your home interacting with the environment? A home imbibing vegan interiors need to be designed so that it is not isolated from nature. Remodel your home to incorporate more greens and open spaces to welcome the nature. You could create a small garden indoor that attracts birds and butterflies.

Last Updated: Tue Dec 22 2020

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