Stencil Paint Or Wallpaper: Here's What You Should Choose

Stencil Paint Or Wallpaper: Here's What You Should Choose

Stencil Paint Or Wallpaper: Here's What You Should Choose

Whether designing a new accommodation or renovating your existing home, wall paint is one of the key things for you to consider. Speaking of wall paint, the trend of accent walls has been prevalent for a long time. But the way accented walls are created has been constantly changing. The latest in trend are wallpapers and textured or stencil paint walls. While wallpaper is a sheet of printed paper that is pasted on to the wall, stencil walls are made using a stencil that is used to create the pattern using paint.

Confused between which one to pick? Here is a rundown that will help you make a choice:

Options galore

As both are in trend, there are plenty of options available for the homeowners. Speaking of paint, there are plenty of patterns that one could find in different colours. In fact, stencil or texture-painted walls can be customised in many different. In comparison, your options relating to wallpapers could be limited.

Seamless execution

You cannot go solo if you opt for an accentuated wall paint. You will have to hire a professional for the job. Otherwise, there might be changes of going completely wrong. Wallpapers, on the other hand, will let you use your imagination and creatively fully. In case of a mistake, they could be easily replaced, too.

Longer life

Wallpapers are known to have a longer life when compared to paint. While paint, even the best quality, would last five to six years, wallpapers can stay for a longer period. You only have to make sure that the wallpaper doesn't tear off.

Money matters

Take your pick on the basis of cost, too. While basic colours are not heavy on the pocket, the moment you opt for textured or stencil walls, the paint becomes more expensive. The cost of the painter, too, is higher when compared to the regular painter. On the other, wallpapers are a one-time investment you would make for years to come.

Lookin' good

What fits your décor is equally important when taking a decision. With paints available in various finishes ranging from matte to metallic, the variety is huge. So is the case with wallpapers that are available in a wide range of prints. Take a pick based on the kind of décor you have and also, on the above-mentioned factors.

Last Updated: Mon Dec 12 2016

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