Some Simple Tricks To Help Your Kitchen Get a New Life!

Some Simple Tricks To Help Your Kitchen Get a New Life!

Some Simple Tricks To Help Your Kitchen Get a New Life!

While we pay more attention to the details of the design of the rest of the house, we forget to pay due attention while designing the kitchen. Very few of us hit the nail on its head while designing the kitchen. After the kitchen is finished and the final touches are given, there is always a nagging feeling that something is still missing. A kitchen should be designed in a way that there is scope for its renovation and redesigning in the future. What if, you want it to make it suitable with changing times and incorporate modern fixtures?

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Here are some simple yet most neglected things that would change the look of your kitchen and make it look more modern.  If you are feeling that your kitchen needs a bit make over, this is just for you:

Have a colour scheme

There must be a base colour scheme in your kitchen. The accent hues of such colour should be such that it helps in deciding the various shades of colour in the kitchen, for example the cabinets.

Don't obstruct natural light

Kitchen filled with natural light gives a fresh feel to the whole kitchen. It also enhances the feeling of cleanliness and modernity. It is advisable to have bigger windows, but don't burden it with heavy curtains. Just go with blatantly undressed windows and let the air and light give you that fresh and clean feel.

Light colour tone for the floor

A pale finish or lighter colour tone of the kitchen floor gives an illusion of large space. It is most advisable for kitchens that have small spaces. But use the shade of the colour on which the spills are easily visible. A light shade of colour also reflects light making the kitchen feel bright.

Go Modular

A modular kitchen is not only easier to install, but are also adaptable to change. You can easily remodel the modular kitchen as per your needs. You can always colour coordinate them and remodel according to your liking.

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Vertical space

The vertical space in the kitchen is mostly left unused.  A little imagination and you can bring to use those pesky vertical corners. It can be used as a wine- rack to display your wine collection and impress your guests. You can also use the space for hanging grocery bags.

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Last Updated: Thu Dec 15 2016

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