Some Out-Of-The Box Solutions To Save Space And Money

Some Out-Of-The Box Solutions To Save Space And Money

Some Out-Of-The Box Solutions To Save Space And Money

As change is the only constant in life, we have to welcome it in all spheres. Be it the way we dress or the way you dress your homes, change is necessary.

MakaaniQ lists some ways in which you can make a change and feel happy at home after that:

While remodelling your house

If you are trying your hand at giving the house a new look, how about creating a storage space under the staircase or buying a moving bookshelf? These are meant for large houses which unfortunately turn smaller as the family size increases. Homes where staircases take up a lot of space usually have home owners worry about the space wastage. You could make a shoe-cabinet herein or arrange flowers or even use this as a little arty zone displaying DIY (do it yourself) crafts. This will also ensure that the area is often dusted and kept clean.

If you have a large collection of books, try opting for a movable bookshelf. You could customise its shape and size. It needn't be something that you buy ready-made. If you are fretting over how much space it will consume, place it in front of an ignored corner of your house to ensure a new look. You could also try sliding doors and windows to ensure you save up on space while giving it a classy look.

Do you really need it?

Our advice to you is to keep only what you need. This idea is catching up across the world. New housing models are coming up where home owners look for shared spaces such as gardens, cooking and washing areas. You may feel this isn't aspirational but it could put off a lot of load off your shoulders in terms of money. In America, the number of 'intentional poor' may be growing soon.

In India, convertible apartments that help you optimise space are becoming popular, you could use your bedroom as a living room in the morning and your cupboard could double up as a bed! Heard of Murphy beds? You could try these too.

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As smart as it gets

Now, there are homes that speak to you while you are away. Is that not great? Today, technology can help you keep an eye on your house even when you are away. In fact, you may be surprised to know that there are apps that help you connect this way for as low as Rs 80,000.

Last Updated: Wed Apr 12 2017

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