Some Evergreen Ways Of Decking Up Your Home

Some Evergreen Ways Of Decking Up Your Home

Some Evergreen Ways Of Decking Up Your Home

We love to follow latest trends in every aspect of our lives. From styling to decorating our homes, fashion plays an important role in our lives. There is no issue in following trends while decorating the home. The only issue that crops up is that trends change and one cannot afford to change the decor of the home with every little change in terms of the latest fashion. Thus, it becomes essential to choose decor style or home decor items that never go out of fashion.

MakaaniQ lists some of the home decor trends that never go out of fashion:

Colour shades that stand the test of time


One cannot afford to change the wall paint with every change in fashion. Thus, it becomes important to choose colour combinations that can stand the test of time. Some of the evergreen colour combinations are:

  • Black and white
  • Earthy greens and yellow
  • Navy bright white plus yellow
  • Silver plus seafoam
  • Beige plus cream plus russet
  • Bright white plus orange plus navy

Time-tested wooden furniture


Glass side tables, coffee tables, console tables, metal dining chairs and metal beds are setting the trend. Although these might be trendy, there is a huge possibility that over the course of time this kind of furniture will lose their charm. Thus, to play safe, go for the irreplaceable wooden furniture. Wooden furniture has passed the test of time and leaves a great impression on anyone visiting the house.

Classic deep-buttoned sofa


A perfect couch is a luxury statement for a home.  The best option is to go for a classic Chesterfield shape. It is a deep buttoned sofa having arms and back of the same height. Normally, leather is used to make a deep-buttoned sofa. The good part is that it never goes out of fashion and adds a great appeal to the decor of your home.

Home decor items that bring good luck



Home decor items that bring good luck will never go out of fashion. For instance, laughing Buddha, bamboo trees, fish aquariums, wind chimes, dog statues etc. These decor items will stand the test of time.

Evergreen velvet



Easy to maintain, velvet is a fabric that never goes out of fashion. You can go for velvet couches, chairs, drapes, bedding and wall covering. It is a great way to give a richer look to your home.

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Traditional rugs


Traditional rugs are a great way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your drawing room. They are highly durable, last for a long time, are value for money and never go out of fashion. If you want to give an exotic look to your room, then go for traditional rugs.

In the end, apart from the above points keeping minimal occupied spaces and giving way to natural light will always be in fashion. Also, it would make your home look brighter and spacious.

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