Power Your Home With A Solar Facility

Power Your Home With A Solar Facility

Power Your Home With A Solar Facility
The life of a roof-top solar is 25 years and in the first ten years it gives 90 per cent efficiency. (Dreamstime)

Solar energy will become a mainstream source of energy in the coming years. Apart from addressing the world's most pressing problems of climate change, solar energy is clean and low-cost energy. In India, too, various state governments have been giving subsidy to encourage people to install solar panels. It's important to study its feasibility before installing solar panels at home.

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Feasibility at home

Let's consider the case of a four-member household based in Delhi. On average, such a family consumes around 250 units of power. At the rate of Rs 5 per unit, inclusive of taxes, they pay Rs 1,250 a month. This means they would pay Rs 15,000 annually at the same rate.

Now let's compare that with having a solar facility at home. Installing a rooftop solar panel involves a one-time cost of Rs 1 lakh for one kilowatt (kw). This excludes the cost of batteries, which are worth around Rs 25,000. So, the total cost at the time of installing a solar power facility comes to Rs 1,25,000. The life of a roof-top solar facility is 25 years, and a deep cycle battery typically lasts 10-15 years. So, you may have to replace the batteries at least once during the solar facility's 25-year life. The total cost involved in producing solar energy for 25 years, therefore, comes to Rs 1,50,000.

In the first 10 years, the roof-top solar system works at 90 per cent efficiency. The efficiency later reduces to 80 per cent.

Assuming the price of regular electricity remains unchanged at Rs 5 per unit throughout these 25 years, a family of four in Delhi that uses 250 units of power every month would end up paying Rs 3,75,000 over 25 years (Rs 15,000 x 25 years) for power. Now contrast that with solar power, which costs Rs 1,50,000 for total power for 25 years. 

If the family were to move to solar power now, it would save Rs 2,25,000 on power bills over 25 years. That means, its power bills would be reduced by 60 per cent over the period.

Economical in the long run, with negligible maintenance, solar energy is a great option to move to. But do ensure that you have at least 200 sq ft of space on the terrace to install a roof-top solar system.

Last Updated: Wed Jul 20 2016

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