Save Space With These 5 Sofa-cum-Bed Designs

Save Space With These 5 Sofa-cum-Bed Designs

Save Space With These 5 Sofa-cum-Bed Designs

Space has become a constant concern as homes turn compact. With soaring property prices, an affordable unit is not as spacious as it used to be a decade ago. To ensure the space in a unit is well-utilised, functional furniture has taken over the traditional opulent ones. One such furniture that we find in almost every household today is a sofa-cum-bed. This piece of furniture allows you to use it as a sofa to lounge on and transform it into a bed when needed.

MakaaniQ list five types of sofa-cum-bed that you should know of.

Two is company

Sofa cum bed

This sofa-cum-bed can be easily placed in a living room and used a sofa as well as a daybed also known as dewan. This L-shaped sofa is completely cushioned and upholstered to offer comfort at its best. The sofa can accommodate up to six people when sitting and two persons when lying down.

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Place for more

Sofa cum bed

Another L-shaped sofa-cum-bed, this one is completely upholstered for comfort. The storage is created using a wooden box and hydraulics for ease of use. This sofa can accommodate up to four people when sitting and two when lying down.

Have it your way


Made in leather, this sofa-cum-bed is a minimal design that comes with reclining hydraulics. Keep the backrest straight when sitting and recline when lying down. A single sofa can accommodate two people when sitting and in the reclining position.

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Togetherness incarnate


It is a combination of a sofa and a set of futons. Keep the sofa and the futons separately to make a complete sitting set up in a living room. For sleeping purpose, join the futons with the sofa to create enough space for two people to sleep on.

Extended benefits

shutterstock_776969278 (1)

This sofa-cum-bed fits well in a bedroom as an additional lounging space. For those looking for a minimal piece can use upholstery just to cover the seating and one armrest, and for a more luxurious look upholster it completely. Place it near your bed to use it for seating or lying down. These generally can accommodate one person when reclining.

Last Updated: Mon May 06 2019

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