Smart Living: Things That Make Your Home Smart

Smart Living: Things That Make Your Home Smart

Smart Living: Things That Make Your Home Smart
Every gadget, small or big, is now available with in-built smart technology. (Dreamstime/Macrovector)

Smart gadgets are becoming a rage among Indian households. A trend that took off with the necessity of having smart security and lighting systems is now growing deeper into the lifestyle of individuals. Every gadget, small or big, is now available with in-built smart technology.

MakaanIQ lists some smart lifestyle products that you use in your daily life.

Smart entertainment

Most of us have come from an age where televisions had no remotes into another one where our TV sets are operated not only by remote controls but even voice commands. Not long ago, many of us dreamt having at home audio-video systems operated via voice commands. But today, smart technology has made that dream a reality. Now you can play your favourite music by just giving a voice command to your device, or even stream your favourite movie straight from your phone to new-age smart TVs using Bluetooth. TVs, which today are Wi-Fi-enabled, are more than just a device for watching shows and movies. These can double up as computers and telephones and allow you to browse the internet or make video calls.

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Smart cleaning

For women, it used to be a dream to own a device that could be operated using a mobile device or a remote. Well, the market now has robot cleaners. These cleaners can be operated using a mobile device app or a remote that comes along as a package. Lean in design, these cleaners are known to go to the most unreachable corners of your home. Some Indian and international brands have already brought such cleaners in the market.


Smart bathrooms

You can also transform your bathroom into a smart one. How about having a toilet seat that opens for you or flushes without you having to use your hand? Or a shower that doubles up as your music player? Sounds interesting, doesn't it? These are all a reality now. Some of the leading brands in the field of bathroom and kitchen manufacturing industry have introduced toilet seats that use motion-sensor technology to self-clean after every flush. Besides, many brands have also come up with water-resistant speakers that can be attached to showers and operate using the Bluetooth technology. You can use one of these to stream your favourite song from your smartphone.

Another interesting product, though not yet available in India, is a bathroom mirror that doubles up as an LCD screen. You can use this mirror TV to watch your favourite show, song or movie by wirelessly streaming the content from your mobile phone.



Smart sleep

Most of us suffer sleep disorders linked to our hectic lifestyle. How about a device that tracks your sleep pattern? The market has devices, known as sleep trackers, that can be installed under your bedsheet to track your breathing pattern to understand your sleeping habits. These also come installed with an alarm. All you need to do is connect the device to your mobile device using Wi-Fi, install the required app and all the details will be available via the mobile application.

Also, technology has also seeped into the mattresses you sleep on. Various brands in this field have come up with mattresses that can be controlled using a mobile application. The user can regulate the height and pressure of the mattress or even switch on or off a massage mode.



Smart kitchen

Kitchens in today's time can be completely transformed into a smart corner, if you are someone who loves to cook. Technology allows a coffee machine to brew your favourite flavour by using a mobile application, and there also are thermostats that control the cooking temperature by checking how much a particular thing is cooked and how much remains uncooked.

Also, appliances like refrigerators have now become smart. For instance, refrigerators are no more for storage alone. Equipped with LCD screens, they also provide entertainment. You can also install a camera to some refrigerators to take a picture every time you close the door. So, next time you are at the grocery store and you are not sure what you need, just access these pictures and you will know the inventory.

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Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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