Smart Homes: Is Luxury The New Necessity?

Smart Homes: Is Luxury The New Necessity?

Smart Homes: Is Luxury The New Necessity?

Nowadays, homebuyers not only buy a home; they buy smoother, smarter and a better way of life. Short on time, today's homebuyers zero-in on those real estate developers who can offer integrated home searches, guided property or location visits and hassle-free negotiations.

From spas, crèche facilities and health centres inside residential complexes to modular kitchens and media rooms making way in to the apartments, the new-age homes have a lot to offer. Customisation is the key to lead a better life in a 'smart home'. The aim is to buy a home, which can serve as an extension of the occupants' individuality.


Our requirements and preferences have not changed, only the perception has changed. The shift from luxury to necessity has consumed much larger space. What used to be luxurious earlier has become a necessity now.

For instance, the usage of air conditioners is growing rapidly. The AC, which was a luxury earlier is a necessity now, with each room in a house having an AC. This also has much to do with the rise in average temperature and global warming.

Compact living or 'smart' homes

There has been a steady rise in the demand for smart homes in the metros, especially in the dual-income families. For a potential buyer, technology-enabled homes are much in demand, no matter even comes for a price because the priority here is to meet the necessities.

With time, soundproof doors and partitions and smart appliances have quietly made way into our homes.

Earlier, advanced security cameras and smart door locking system used to define a smart home. Today, homes are much smarter. From energy monitoring system to motion sensor lighting system and gas leakage detection to theft-fire detection, the new additions are way more advanced and technology-oriented.

At the same time, a fully-furnished smart home is cost-effective as well.

Real estate developers ready to face challenges

The entire real estate sector is becoming more dynamic and challenging.  The developers need to be more active to match up with the emerging trends. In true terms, the real estate developers should prepare themselves to alter these challenges into opportunities and better prospects. They should actively listen and engage with customers or homebuyers to understand their actual requirements. In today's market trend, those who follow these terms are the one who will stay relevant and consequently successful.

A developer must endeavour to acquire skills that go beyond construction. It is very important to address the growing needs of the community. A customer-savvy developer must put effort to play a multifaceted role of a counsellor who allows homebuyers to achieve quality living, while also foreseeing problems and complications along the way.

Last Updated: Thu Mar 02 2017

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