Smart Glass: A Dynamic Way To Save On Power Bills

Smart Glass: A Dynamic Way To Save On Power Bills

Smart Glass: A Dynamic Way To Save On Power Bills
Although it costs twice is as much as the price of a traditional glass, it is energy efficient. Wikimedia

Smart glass or switchable glass is a type of glass which is widely used in luxury homes. A product that can modify its light transmission properties, it is fast catching up in the contemporary building technology. When voltage, light or heat is applied, it quickly changes from clear to tinted and the variation is visible.

In an age when everything is getting smarter – from cities to homes and now products with the use of varied technologies, energy-efficient suspended particle devices (SPDs) is the most preferred technology as far as architecture and construction are concerned.

MakaanIQ tells you why opting for a smart glass is a wise proposition:

Suspended particle devices

A widely used technology used in the construction process, the smart glass is an is an electrical switchable crystal which uses SPDs technology to make a glass transparent, translucent or opaque as per the user needs. This technology is widely used for windowpanes, doors, partitions, skylights and is available as laminated panels or insulated glass units.  

The process

  • Take two panels of glass
  • Coat the panels with electrical conductive material
  • Millions of nano scale particles (SPDs) are placed between the two glass panels
  • Insert a film or liquid suspension to help particles float
  • The control device can be automatic (photosensors) and manual (knobs, switches, etc)

When no voltage is applied, these suspended articles are randomly organised thereby absorbing and blocking the daylight and giving a frosted-mirror look. But once, voltage is applied, the suspended articles let the light pass through.

The benefits

  • Reduces the need for a window shade
  • People can use the shading on demand
  • Controls the brightness
  • Minimises heating and cooling necessities
  • Make the most of day-lighting  

Apart from architecture, suspended particle devices are commercially being used in automobiles, airline and marine sectors.

The price

It costs twice is as much as the price of a traditional glass. But,as the product is energy efficient, you can recover the costs in the long run by saving through power bills as it cuts heating and cooling costs of a house. An alternative to blinds and expensive window dressings, these glasses make for a smart choice.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 07 2016

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