Small Room? Choose The Right Furniture

Small Room? Choose The Right Furniture

Small Room? Choose The Right Furniture

Small room means difficult storage. The struggle for keeping your belongings with literally no space for storage and also the dread of filling up the available space by installing bulky and large floor storage cabinets. So for those like me, who are struggling to find the exact solution for keeping their small room space organised without appearing to be cluttered, here are some ideas.

The wall



The walls of the house are the most neglected portions. These are often overlooked in terms being used as storage space. Instead of going for large display units, you can install narrow shelves on the walls to display your artworks or favourite books. Even your essentials could be arranged on these shelves, and all your floor space would be saved. And remember you can fit the shelves as high as you want.

A sneaky closet

multifunctional closet(Wikimedia)

It looks like a standard wall closet. You can have several shelves, drawers and other storage devices hidden in the cupboard. These are designed to absolutely fit in even the smallest of the rooms. And the best part is that it not only stores all your essentials but after you close the doors of the drawers and cabinets it would look as if there is no mess in your room.

Making extraordinary out of ordinary


Bored of the same old shelf designs? Then these are for you. These amazing shelves are merely hinged doors of the cube holes on the walls. They open up and serve as shelves on the walls.

Stack those boxes

Chilgrove Storage Box - CHRA02(Wikimedia)

Stack boxes on the shelves that would be hidden away. The boxes can be used to store a number of things. You can store these boxes in those shelves. If you plan to keep it in the open then get yourself some pretty looking sturdy storage boxes, so that can be stacked one above the other.

Look under the bed

under the bed storage (Wikimedia)

All your boxes and other movable storage can be neatly labelled and slid under the bed. This will reduce the clutter around the room and will give the much-needed floor space.

In sight but organised


Clothes in disarray, nowhere to keep your shoes and literally no cupboard to keep them? You can keep them in sight without being embarrassed. A hanging rail is a perfect solution for the problem. You can hang all your clothes and keep your shoes in order and not feel conscious.

Versatility in your wardrobe


A number of storage accessories can be used in your wardrobe to give that extra space for your clothes. The hanging shelves and the pouches in the wardrobe helps you keep the smaller items that you use every day but the struggle for the want of proper space.

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Last Updated: Fri Dec 09 2016

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