Sliding Or Hinged, Which Door Is Better?

Sliding Or Hinged, Which Door Is Better?

Sliding Or Hinged, Which Door Is Better?

Picking the perfect door is not a job easily done, especially when there is an ongoing debate on the goodness of the two key types, the hinged doors and the sliding doors. Your personal preferences might tilt your opinion towards one, but you must consider the pros and cons of sticking with that option before reaching a conclusion.

In their basic design lie their strength and weakness. Before we list those out, let us know what we are talking about, design-wise.

Hinge door design: In this system, the door is attached to the door jamb with the help of typically two of three hinges. In case of wardrobes, a door that is to be fixed on a hinge is not more than 24-inch wide so that there is no excess load on the door jamb. In case the door is wider and bigger, the number and quality of hinges have to be increased accordingly to give the door a better support. These doors open outwardly at a 90-degree angle. Hinge-based doors have been in existence since ages, and despite the rocking entry of its more contemporary peer sliding doors, they still remain as popular as ever.

Sliding door design:  Sliding doors are built to glide horizontally on metal tracks fixed on top and bottom frames. There are rollers on the side of the door for opening. On opening, these shutter-like closings recede in a slot, without interfering with the outward space. Today, sliding doors are a popular choice to be placed in areas that lead to the backyard and patios. They are also a popular choice as kitchen and wardrobe doors.

Hinge door: Advantages and disadvantages

If used in wardrobe


More variety: Traditionally, hinged doors were the only option used as wardrobe doors. Consequently, the market is full of varieties in this category. This is true of all sorts of doors, wardrobes included. The same is not true of sliding doors.

Better view: Since they open outwards, hinge-based doors give a clear view of the contents if they are places in a wardrobe. A sliding door on the other hand shows you only half of your wardrobe. To get a full view, you have to open each side at a time.

Space saving: By installing hooks, the inside surface of the doors could be used to hang ties, belts, sling bags and such items that do not take much space and stick close with the door on closing. This is something not possible with sliding doors.

Easy maintenance:  They tell you the hinges will go weak over time. That is true but it is quite easy to get them changes. Since they have been in the market for as long as we know, it is also not hard to find a carpenter would fix them easily. The cost involved is also only meager. Replacing the sliding doors track system is neither easy nor that affordable in comparison.

Better locking system: There is a wide variety of locking system that could be fixed on a hinged wardrobe door. In case of slide wardrobe door, you will have a limited choice.

If used as patio, kitchen doors

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Great variety, easy maintenance: You would find a greater variety of you went for hinged doors. They would also be much easier to maintain.

Space utilisation: Hinged doors can be designed as a folding door to utilise L-shaped spaces. In such spaces, sliding doors cannot be installed.

Ease of operating: This is an aspect that is often not taken into account, but one would find oneself way more comfortable using a hinged door purely for the reason that opening and closing them is a matter of habit. The same is not true of the sliding doors, which are comparatively a new entrant and not used widely.

Long lasting: They tell you the hinges will wear out, but so will the metal tracks of the sliding doors. In fact, the metal tracks and the rollers might fail much before the hinges. A sliding door will require gentler handling than a hinged door any day.

Slide door: Advantages and disadvantages

All the goodness of hinged doors notwithstanding, sliding doors are making their presence felt in the world of carpentry because of the several advantages it offers.  The width of a sliding-door wardrobe should at least be seven foot. This way it would have two 3.5-foot doors, offering 3.5 foot wide opening at a time. Any trimming here would make the space too narrow to be used comfortably.

If used in wardrobe


Space saver: Because of the sideways sliding, these doors don’t block any outside space, something hinged doors do. These make sliding doors an ideal choice for rooms which do not have much space. But, sliding doors are also ideal for expansive wardrobes where having multiple hinged doors may not be ideal.

Glass friendly: That hinged doors come in a great deal of variety happens to be true, but materials that are not robust cannot be used to build such doors. Sliding doors give users the option to use mirror of glass on their wardrobe doors. Use of glass and mirror also helps a small area assume the air of a bigger space.

If used as patio, kitchen doors

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Better movement: Sliding doors would allow better ease of movement when used as door options.

Better ventilation: Installing a sliding glass doors would mean better air and sun in the inside.

Space saver: Sliding doors act as space savers in small sitting areas. Installing a hinged door in a space like that would mean the area that would be used to allow the doors to move outwards cannot be used for any other purpose.

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