What Are Skywalks And How They Add To The Aesthetics Of Urban Constructions?

What Are Skywalks And How They Add To The Aesthetics Of Urban Constructions?

What Are Skywalks And How They Add To The Aesthetics Of Urban Constructions?
Without the interference of traffic and weather, pedestrians can walk safely while being protected from extremities of weather. (Wikimedia)

A skywalk is an elevated, enclosed bridge between two of more buildings in an urban area. Building a pleasant walkway in the air along the skyline gives pedestrians a view of the building's elevation. Skywalks have the best features of a cantilever and allow you to view both the sides. They can make everyone fall in love with such aerial trails.

Skywalks offer many advantages in an urban setting. They protect pedestrians from extremities of weather. They make pedestrians' job easier, too. Densely populated areas are often highly congested because of people who commute from one mode of transport to another, buses, taxis, and private vehicles. Congestion gets worse with roadside parking, hawking and violations. With the arrival of skywalks, however, the road ahead is promising.

Today, skywalks are a lifestyle statement. Skywalks also make real estate projects more aesthetically appealing. Many real estate developers are building skywalk-based projects. Today, for a developer, it is important to understand the benefits of skywalks in an urban setting.

For homebuyers, it is very much a priority to have open spaces close by.  Skywalks can address this need to a large degree. Skywalks are a perfect quick-fit solution for apartment-dwellers who prefers open greens, affluence, and collective activities within the compound. For homebuyers who love skywalks inside their residential complex, the high-in-the-sky feature is the most fascinating one. Developers build skywalk-based project not for upper-class people, but for the average middle-class buyer.

Skywalks are definitely a luxury product that raises the cost of the project, but this may have only a modest effect on the price of the property. However, skywalks were primarily introduced for public places like the Mumbai Skywalk Project. The project is a series of skywalks for pedestrian use in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Skywalks connect Mumbai Suburban Railway stations or other high-concentration commercial areas with many heavily targeted destinations. Many leading real estate developers are now introducing skywalks in their upcoming projects. 

Here are a few:

Skywalk Residency: Located at NH Bypass Calicut – developed by TC-ONE. The skywalk is on the nineteenth floor.

Bysani skyway: Located at Jayanagar, Bengaluru – developed by Standard Construction Company.

Windchants: Located at sector 112 Gurgaon – developed by Experion Group – the skywalk is on the seventh level.

Siddha Angan: Located at Ajmer Road – developed by Siddha Group – designed residences in three blocks.

The upsides of skywalks

Better traffic management: One can argue that flyovers do the same. However, flyovers do not lower congestion caused by pedestrians. Skywalks allow vehicles greater mobility. Skywalks are very useful in densely populated areas.

Ecological: Skywalks lower air pollution, and offer relief from noise pollution.

Safety: Without the interference of traffic and weather, pedestrians can walk safely while being protected from extremities of weather.

Esthetics: Skywalks have the potential to transform cityscape through visually pleasing structures. The value of skywalks can be in the form of comfort, landscape, and urban ambiance.

Undoubtedly, skywalks are very important in urban areas. Certain things need to be taken care of, to use them in the best possible manner. 

Here are a few:

  • While designing skywalks in any area, the developer should ensure that it does not lead to deterioration of urban design.
  • Skywalks should be built to link buildings on upper floors. This makes better pedestrian circulation of the concourse area more feasible.
  • Dark stretches, encroachment and lack of maintenance can lead to insecurity and safety issues, especially for women in the night.
  • Skywalks are needed the most during peak hours. It should be possible to cross and walk anytime of the day, even late in the night.
  • For handicapped walkers, skywalks should better facilities to climb off and get over more easily.
  • Skywalks should connect with a wide range of places and buildings so that it makes full use of the facility.
  • Violations can happen at any place or in any area. So, skywalk structures need proper monitoring by the police and authorities. 

Skywalks are becoming popular among real estate developers that build residential projects. The best way to connect many different towers within a project is to put up a skywalk.

Last Updated: Mon Aug 08 2016

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