Single Or Double Storey: What Should Be Your Choice?

Single Or Double Storey: What Should Be Your Choice?

Single Or Double Storey: What Should Be Your Choice?

So you have decided to build a home of your own. You began the process by looking out for a piece of land in the locality of your choice and also, by a question that will define the size of land you need ─ Should I construct a single-storey or a double-storey apartment? There are some who are even confused about whether to buy the land first or to decide whether they want a single-storey or double-storey apartment.

Here are some points that could help you make a guided decision:

What do you like

If you are selecting a property or even land to construct your home, base it on what you would like in your home. For instance, some might like a sprawling garden and not cover the land completely with the concrete structure and hence, construct a vertically spacious property. On the other hand, there will be some who would prefer a spread out property with minimal greenery.

Also, keep in mind that if you have children or aged family members at home, the double-storey property can be a concern. Such homes generally have internal staircase which may cause accidents, especially with children.

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Play with size

Another way you could decide whether you want a single-storey or a double-storey home is if you can play with size. Do you prefer a property that has more square-foot space vertically or horizontally. Moreover, building a smaller two-storey house will cost you more than building a bigger spread of a single-storey one. A double-storey house would always need more labour, construction process and material, which add to your expenses. Everything doubles.

The visual appeal

A single-storey property looks more spread out and big from the outside and is spacious inside. On the other hand, a double-storey property has a visual appeal. Coming from a distance, the property is visible and looks grand when compared to single-storey house, even if it's not that big inside. Indoors, you could easily segregate rooms for family members, making the home more organised.

Value for money

One of the prime questions is ─ Which of the two would give you value for money? This can be defined easily by the money you have invested in the property, the costs you will incur in the coming times and the worth of the property in the future. So, the benefits you will reap out of the property minus the cost you incurred or will incur should be taken into consideration. Hence, when deciding on the size and the number of storeys, keep a tab on market trends. Whether or not the property market of the locality will flourish, what are the buying trends among people and also, whether people prefer location or do they prefer the construction are somethings that you must keep in mind. 

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