Simple Life Begins With A Smart Kitchen

Simple Life Begins With A Smart Kitchen

Simple Life Begins With A Smart Kitchen

We live in an age where everything is being driven by technology, from work to sleep. All our activities are regulated and even tracked by technology. Though technology has paved way into our kitchens, too, it is still limited to the basic appliances. But, what if we say you could give your kitchen a touch of smart? Well, yes! Internationally, technologies are being developed that would make kitchens smart, cooking faster and life simpler.

MakaanIQ lists interesting technologies that households in India could adopt, too:

Smart Cooking

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We all have an oven in our kitchens, but how about an oven that could be Wi-Fi enabled and operated remotely? Smart Oven is a technology that forms the core of kitchen automation. One could connect this using Wi- Fi and operate it remotely to cook food. Simply add the ingredients and keep it in the oven before you go for work. Then you could start the cooking process even if you are at work. This will save time and you would have a hot supper ready by the time you get home. This product can be operated using a specific brand's mobile app.

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Another smart cooking technique that has been developed is an Egg Minder. This device might look like your regular plastic crate but, this Bluetooth-enabled device tells you the number of eggs available in your kitchen and also, shares the health of these eggs. In case, any egg is rotting, an LED light would blink indicating you this egg.

Smart management


A smart kitchen needs smart management. To manage your kitchen install a tablet where it is easily accessible. This tablet would help you monitor the basic tasks including menu for the day, availability of supplies, searching for new recipes, and even listening to some music while you cook. What's more? This internet-enabled device could be used to order groceries, too. Make sure you place this tablet away from water-heavy areas.

Smart cleaning


How about a faucet which could switch on and off with a swipe of a hand. No touch! Install hitech faucets that can be turned on and off with a swipe of a hand. It is for the people who are conscious about hygiene and love technology.

(Flickr/Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures)

(Flickr/Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures)

Another area that hampers our hygiene are the trash cans. To overcome this, a technology has been launched which allows you to use your trash can without touching it. Install these touch-free trash cans and protect yourself and your family from cross-contamination of germs. This can uses infrared technology that opens the garbage can automatically once the hand or garbage comes near the sensor. The lid closes automatically three seconds after the user's hand moves away from it. There is also a manual on and off button in case you don't want to use the sensors.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 01 2016

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