Serve In Style: Ideas To Design Kitchen Like A Pro

Serve In Style: Ideas To Design Kitchen Like A Pro

Serve In Style: Ideas To Design Kitchen Like A Pro

Have you always dreamt of having a kitchen like those professional ones shown on your favourite cookery shows? Professional kitchens are very inspiring as they teach us to complete tasks in an organised and timely manner. Even  if you can not have a large-sized professionals kitchen, there are many things which you could learn from them and implement them in your kitchen.

MakaanIQ lists some of the cues you could take from professional kitchens to better the one at home:



Professional kitchens are designed to accommodate multiple cooks working at a given time. Easy movement in the kitchen is essential to avoid any collision, especially when carrying sharp cutlery or hot utensils. Try to create enough space in your kitchen that you could move easily without causing any accidents especially in times when there is more than one person working in the kitchen on occasions like house parties, get-together or festivals.

Open shelves

open shelves(Dreamstime)

You can consider keeping the shelves open as in professional kitchens. Commercial kitchens keep them open to grab items quickly and for convenience. Open shelves are also easier to clean. The cooking items used frequently can be kept on these shelves.


Convenience (Stainless steel)(Dreamstime)

Design your kitchen for convenient cooking. In some of the professional kitchens, stainless steel is used on the platforms for a reason that cookware taken from oven can be placed directly there. Another idea you could pick from the commercial kitchens is that their counter tops have disposal holes and dustbins beneath them to dispose off trash directly.

Chopping boards


Wooden chopping boards have proved their value for easy cooking. Grab this idea from professional kitchen and keep wooden chopping boards. However, you could have separate boards for different purposes such as vegetable chopping or baking.


safety (silicon gloves)(Dreamstime)

Picking hot pans from gas stove or oven with a thin fabric cloth may result in burns. The professionals use silicon mitts that extend till wrist, use similar mitts to avoid any injury in the kitchen. You could also use silicon trays for baking which are safer to use. Always keep a first-aid kit handy in the kitchen.



Another thing to learn from the professionals is to keep scrubbing hands in between the cooking. The professional cooks understand that scrubbing is important to avoid transfer of flavours and unwanted bacteria. Learn to adapt this habit from them and keep a hand wash or antibacterial wipes in your kitchen. Using paper towels is another domestic hygienic solution.   

Last Updated: Wed May 25 2016

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