Second Home: 11 Essentials To A Cozy Guest Room

Second Home: 11 Essentials To A Cozy Guest Room

Second Home: 11 Essentials To A Cozy Guest Room

With summers vacations under way, many of us are expecting guests for an extended stay. So, it's time to open that guest room and stock it with the required essentials that will make the stay of visitors memorable as well as comfortable. 

MakaanIQ lists 11 essentials that will ensure your guests feel at home and, thus, make you a considerate host.

Books & board games


Many of us love to read before we go to bed. How about giving your guests the gift of some classics to read? If the guests are being accompanied by children, place some board games, including ludo, sudoku, snakes & ladders and carrom, for the family to have fun.

Storage space


Guests always come with suitcases, ensure that the guest room has enough storage for them to unpack and keep their clothing and other accessories in place. Also, place a luggage rack so that they can unpack without a whiff.

Charging points & chords


Ensure that the room has enough charging points so that the visitors can charge their mobile phones and other devices. If possible, place some common chargers which go with any mobile phone. Keep them in drawers for easy access.

Bathroom slippers


A must-have for every guest room, make sure you keep a fresh pair or two for the guests. You don't have to be precise with the size, but pick a general size that would fit them all.

Bath products & accessories


Make sure to stock your bathroom with all the essential bath products, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, toothpaste and talcum powder. Like a thoughtful host, keep a couple of toothbrushes, shower caps, scrub, and loofa in bathroom cabinets.



The guest room should have a clean bedding with ample pillows, a clean sheet and a throw, and comfortable mattress for your guests to have a good night's sleep. Also, keep some extra bedding in the room, if there is a need to add another makeshift bed to the room.



For you guests to get ready for the day, don't forget to keep a mirror in the room. It will also add to the aesthetics of the room.



At times the guest might feel hungry at night but doesn't want to wake you up or are clueless about things in your kitchen. Place some packed munchies, including biscuits, chips, and fruits. Don't forget to place at least two bottles of water with glasses in the guest room every evening.



You might want to add this for guests who are early-risers and like to have the morning cup of coffee in bed. Place a coffee machine on a table with essentials, including coffee beans, milk powder and sugar and let your guests help themselves.



To make the room feel fresh and bright, add some small plants or table vase with flowers. This makes a guest feel welcomed, too. In case of flowers, make sure you change them every day. 



Keep this for your guests which they can use to write, make any diary entry or just for work notes. Invest in some quirky stationery which includes a diary, pens and pencils.



Last Updated: Wed Jun 01 2016

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