Say Goodbye To Musty Smell This Monsoon

Say Goodbye To Musty Smell This Monsoon

Say Goodbye To Musty Smell This Monsoon

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMP) has predicted an above-average monsoon this year. This certainly is a happy news but it also calls putting in place measures that would keep your home seepage and smell free in the rainy season.

How can you ensure there is no bad smell around while you admire the rain and its beauty, sitting at home?

Humidity control

With the rain comes the humidity, followed by a damp smell. By use a dehumidifier or an ioniser. A dehumidifier takes in the damp air and replace it with a fresh air, while an ioniser releases ions that stops the formation of musty smells. However, the two do not permanently remove the foul smell.

Taking help from the kitchen

Many items lying in your kitchen will come handy to fight any foul smells. Lemon and vinegar, for example, can magically remove any foul smell from your home. Also, if you keep neem leaves in your cupboard, you will be able to save your clothes from fungus and bad smell, both. Baking soda and rock salt are other alternatives that can give a fresh smell to your home.

Cleaning is a must

During the rainy season, extra emphasis should be given on cleaning.  Regularly give your furniture a dry wipe to keep any moisture off it. The floor, too, requires extra cleaning and should be cleaned using phenyl or any anti-bacterial liquid. Cut down the number of rugs and carpets in your home, as they, too, attract dust and bad smell.  

Last Updated: Wed Apr 17 2019

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