Rolling Out The Red Carpet In Various Shades

Rolling Out The Red Carpet In Various Shades

Rolling Out The Red Carpet In Various Shades

Carpets are a must-have to complete the look of your home. Apart from beautifying your home, these also provide a cushion, warmth and comfort to the family as well as guests.

MakaanIQ lists types of carpets you could choose for different rooms, and also shares with you some tips to choose the right one:

The living room


When choosing a carpet for your living room, measure the areas first. If you plan to carpet your living room from wall to wall, opt for sisal carpet. This is one of the most easy-to-maintain carpet types and helps absorb dirt. And, if you plan to only carpet the sitting or sofa area, you could go for a shag carpet, Kashmiri kaleen, or a silk rug. If you have a contemporary set up, buy some abstract designs in bright colours. 

The dining area


By opting for rich carpets in your dining area, you could leave your guests wondering about their beauty and charm as they dine. Carpet this area with high-or low-pile carpet in pastel or nude colours to make the area look bigger and rich. 

The bedroom


For an area that is all about comfort, pick a low-pile or wool carpet. While these two styles give a cozy look to the room, they are also easy to maintain. If you have a small seating area in your bedroom, place the carpet there, or you could place it right in front of your bed. Keep carpet colours light in your bedroom.

The study


Your study is a personal space that not only lets you relax with your favourite book but also allows you do that in style. To give your study the vintage look, opt between a silk carpet and a Kashmiri kaleen. Buy these in bright colours such as maroon, golden or brown to make your reading experience brighter. 

The bathroom


It's risky to step out of your shower with wet feet. To make sure you could move out and not slip, place a plastic runner right outside your shower. Also, if you have bigger bathroom with a vanity, you could place a small shag rug in your vanity area.

Tiny tips

  • Always balance the design of the carpet with the overall decor. 
  • Always take a foot feel before picking up a carpet. 
  • When placing a carpet in your living room, ensure that the front legs of all your sitting furniture fall on it. 
  • Clean your carpets at regular intervals. 
  • Depending on the rush a room attracts, choose bright or light colours. While a bright carpet would be better for an area that attracts more footfalls, light ones work better for areas where footfall is less.


Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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