Rewind & Relax: 10 Reasons Why Kerala Is The Perfect Travel Destination

Rewind & Relax: 10 Reasons Why Kerala Is The Perfect Travel Destination

Rewind & Relax: 10 Reasons Why Kerala Is The Perfect Travel Destination

Kerala, known as God's own country, and rightly so is blessed with unique topographical features. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the east, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Western Ghats in the west, completing the scenery. The state is divided into three geographical regions — Highlands, which slope down from the Western Ghats onto the Midlands of undulating hills and valleys into an unbroken coastline with many picturesque backwaters, interconnected with canals and rivers.

This unique geographical location and serene surroundings of God's own country has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations among domestic and international tourists to unwind. The beautiful and calming backwaters, hill stations, tea plantations, ayurvedic health holidays, enchanting art forms, magical festivals, historic and cultural monuments and exotic cuisines is all you could get in Kerala.

Here MakaaniQ takes you on a virtual tour of Kerala and tells you what makes this a perfect destination to unwind.

Live on the backwater

The backwaters of Kerala are world renowned and a reason for many tourist to visit the state time and again. You could hire a houseboat and refresh floating on the backwaters. Marine Drive in Kochi provides an impressive view of the Kochi Harbour and the backwaters.

Life's a beach

Being a coastal state, Kerala has some beautiful beaches. The unbroken coastline provides you with a number of options of watersports or just spend time relaxing by the beach enjoying the sunset and gazing at the sea. For the best views visit Cherai Beach. It is a beautiful combination of sea and backwaters, and if you are lucky you could also see some dolphins. Or, go for a swim at Kanwatheertha Beach in Kasaragod, which is known for its swimming pool like formation.

Go wild

Surrounded by the Western Ghats, and given the green cover and a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks including Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in Idukki District, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thiruvananthapuram, Periyar Tiger Reserve, etc. give you ample opportunity to explore a wide variety of wildlife.

Up high

Given its unique topography and geographical position, after visiting the backwaters and beaches, you could also go trekking. Edakkal caves in Ambukuthi Hills in North Kerala are considered to be one of the earliest locations on earth to be inhabited by humans. You can also find the carvings on the walls of the cave. In Kottayam you also can go to Ilaveezhapoonchira, which means 'valley where leaves don't fall'. This area doesn't have any trees. The view can be enjoyed at both sunset and sunset. And many other hill stations where you can find something unique to experience.

Tea plantations

Want to know where do the tea leaves come from, for the tea you enjoy every morning and evening? Possibilities are that they come from the tea gardens in Kerala. Some of the prominent tea gardens are in Vandiperiyar and Peermade, Wayanad, Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram and the most famous being Munnar. Wayanad is the most scenic hill station also known as the green heaven.

Get coloured by culture

When we talk about the culture, Kerala's well-known dance artform, Kathakali, comes to the mind. The beauty of this artform is that the performers don't speak but tell stories through facial expressions and gestures. Mohiniattam is another enchanting cultural art performance. There are many other cultural art forms here that you could experience including Kutiyattam, Koothu, Krishnanattom, Oppana, etc.

Martial art

The state is home to the traditional martial art of Kalaripayyatu. While visiting Kerala make sure to watch a Kalaripayattu performance. Velakali is one other martial art form which is a regular feature of annual festivities at Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna temple in Alappuzha district.

Wholistic experience

Kerala is the place known for its Ayurveda treatment. The wide forest cover and the tropical climate, is very unique to this place hence, it is an ideal place for the treatment to take effect. Unlike other states in India, Ayurveda is the main stream medicine practice. So you can pack your bags and take a trip to Kerala for the long pending spa you promised yourself.

Go spend that moolah

Visiting any new place, we always think getting some mementoes, and gifts that are unique to that place. Kerala doesn't disappoint on the shopping front. You have a myriad of options like traditional attire, jewellery box made of rose wood made in Nettur. It is fast becoming a dying art as very few artisans remain. The Pavithra Mothiram is ring crafted of gold, said to bring luck to anyone who wears it with devotion. So go on give some luck to your loved ones.  Apart from these there are many other things like bronze wares, kathakali figures, mirrors with cast metal handle, etc. to take back for your friends and family members.

Eat your heart out

The cuisine of a place tells lots of things about the lifestyle of the people, their culture and tradition. When in Kerala try the authentic appam with stew and the seafood is a must.

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