Remodelling Your Lawn? 5 Things You Must Follow

Remodelling Your Lawn? 5 Things You Must Follow

Remodelling Your Lawn? 5 Things You Must Follow

You aim to design your outdoors with the same effort and detailing, the way you deck up your interiors. But, buying outdoor stuff is a different ball game. The outdoors accessories and goods should be strong and sturdy enough to weather all seasons. So, as you go shopping for the 'right' goods for your balcony, garden or patio, MakaanIQ tells you how to be a smart shopper.

  • Invest in a functional furniture, including chairs, recliners, sofas, tables and other accessories. For a garden, you could also create a table-and-bench look for a Sunday brunch with your family. Also, if plan to move the furniture a lot, then the foldable furniture comes handy.
  • Keep furniture and furnishings in sync with your indoors set-up. For instance, if you have contemporary indoors, make sure you buy the minimal and seamless furniture and furnishings. On the other hand, if your interiors are vintage, give your exterior an antiquated look with wooden chairs, benches, among others.
  • Apart from aesthetics, comfort is equally important. If you have set up table and chairs in the open, place a garden umbrella in the middle of the table. Place furnishings that ensure comfortable sitting and even lounging for your family. Make sure you buy enough furniture to accommodate your family.
  • Soft furnishings are not meant for outdoor use. Buy furnishings like cushions and pillows made of polyurethane foam, which don't absorb water. Also, when you buy covers made of solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, choose colours that are UV-protected.
  • For furniture, there are multiple material options to choose from. These include wood, metal, wicker and resin acrylic. This all depends on a number of factors such as maintenance, style, mobility and budget. While wood, especially teak, and wrought iron are low-maintenance options which lend a vintage feel but these can be heavy on the pocket and difficult to move. The lesser expensive versions are plastic and wicker. They are perfect for a home that has a contemporary and minimal set-up.
Last Updated: Tue May 31 2016

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