Remodelling Your Home? These Are The Things You Should Expect Will Happen

Remodelling Your Home? These Are The Things You Should Expect Will Happen

Remodelling Your Home? These Are The Things You Should Expect Will Happen

Remodelling your home? There will be a lot of questions in your mind regarding cost, time and the final outcome. You try every possible avenue to make your remodelling project a success. But, while the process is on, you will face certain apprehensions. So, when your home undergoes remodelling, prepare yourself in advance mentally, physically and emotionally. Here are some things that you should expect would occur during the process and be prepared for them: 


A house which undergoes remodelling will have the incessant issue of noise. Be prepared for it. But, during remodelling, there will be times when noise will be loud even at inconvenient times. For example, marble or tile cutting may take place when you or your child is taking a nap during the day. 

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If it's breaking, it will create a mess. There will be a layer of dust all over the place when remodelling happens. As the dust gathers everywhere, try to control it from spreading in those sections of the house that are not being changed. Hang plastic sheets over doorways of the area being remodelled and over the cabinet doors and pantry to keep the dust away.

Unexpected issues

Be ready for unexpected and unforeseen changes. There could be human, technical or construction errors that can take place. Irregular frames, mismatched plumbing are some of the unexpected surprises that you should be prepared for.

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Cash concerns

Even if you have thoroughly planned your budget and everything is going by plan, cash issues or unforeseen cash expenses are common to occur. The sudden cash requirement can increase your anxiety; therefore, it is better to keep 10-20 per cent separate and ready for losses.  


No matter if the items are present in the area where remodelling is taking place or not, everything in your home is at a risk of being getting harmed. There could be accidents and you can take few measures to protect your belongings. Move the valuables and expensive things to a room that is not in use, if possible. You can take help from a friend, relative or neighbours.


During the remodeling process, there are several instances when you will have to take impromptu decisions. Do not get nervous when something goes wrong or do not go as you wanted it to be. Be mentally alert and be ready with plan B, in case plan A does not work.


Delays and missed deadlines are common in remodeling process. Unfavourable weather conditions, delay in delivery of raw material or issue with the labourers can happen any time any moment. Do not worry and face the delay in schedule as common problems.


When your home is being remodelled, there will be interruptions in your privacy. Your daily routine may be affected as there are many workers in your home at same time.


When you have spent so much in terms of time, money and effort, you would surely want to show off your remodelled kitchen or living room. Expect your friends and family to visit you for a celebration moment once remodelling is complete and your home is ready.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 03 2017

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