Relevance of astrology in vaastu

Relevance of astrology in vaastu

Relevance of astrology in vaastu

- By Mr P. Khurrana, Renowned Astrologer

Mr P Khurrana

Vaastu shastra is one of the most valuable treasures of ancient Indian knowledge. Its principles if carefully followed; bring not only just prosperity into home but also love and peace. But some times people complain that their house is constructed according to Vaastu principles but they are still suffering from diseases, losses, mental worries on account of children, marriage and career. Reason? Can a set principles of Vaastu made applicable on everybody. Not at all. It does not look rational. No doubt that Vaastu is a science which provides guidance for construction of house and office. It also lays the significance of plots, direction, selection of site, the layout of compound walls, gates, terraces, balconies, staircase, bed-rooms, kitchen, bathroom, basement, store, varandha and a few suggestion are also given regarding the placement of basic furniture, cash-box and office table etc but Vaastu is incomplete without Astrology. Though Vaastu Shastra is applied according to its own technical term, but most of the people living in big cities cannot construct their house strictly according to Vaastu. The constraint of the budget certainly restricts people to buy property constructed by the builders according to the municipal rules.

Most of the readers are confused about the concept of the Vaastu Shastra and they think how they can re-build their house. Astrology can certainly help them if they change location of the furniture and other articles in the house according to their horoscope. Your fourth house in horoscope can definitely identify the basic elements of comfortable living viz-a-viz. auspicious direction, colours, surroundings; about the nine gods of power (Shiva, Parjanya, Jayant, Indra, Satya, Bhrush, Akash & Agni) which can bring prosperity to you. The plants, trees, entrance & other structures which are harmful or good in your house; can be ascertained.

Astrology contains the hidden key to realigning the home/office with the help of Lagan (which depicts your habits, personality, temperament, and choice. Secondly the fourth house determines manifold choices of the direction of house. It has a practical application and it’s not set-principle of Vaastu which are applicable to all. Every human being is a different so his house is different.

It looks all ridiculous if a set of principles of Vaastu are applied to all. I have come across many people who live in rented houses and apartments where Vaastu principles cannot be applied. The science of Vaastu with the help of horoscope can make simple corrections and change in the interiors of house to better energy flow and positivity in the house. It is more relevant today as compared to traditional disciplines of Vaastu. Reason? If we follow the principles of Vaastu than whole world can be jeopardize because a particular direction, color, furniture, lay-out cannot be made applicable upon everybody. Vaastu is significant if it is applied taking into account the horoscope; its lagan & fourth house. According to the every house has its own horoscope which can definitely help in solving problems like ill-health, marital problems poor career growth of children in terms of studies or marriage.

About Mr P Khurrana-

P. Khurrana is a famous Astrologer and Numerologist of India and , who has authored 32 books on various subjects on Astrology, Numerology, Tarot reading, Moles dreams, Mantra, Yantra & Tantra. His best selling books Love Signs and Sun Signs has been making a proven record in India & abroad. The books have been published by a prestigious house Rupa & Co.

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