Rainwater Harvesting Is Answer To Water Scarcity

Rainwater Harvesting Is Answer To Water Scarcity

Rainwater Harvesting Is Answer To Water Scarcity

It's an old saying that pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine. And, rainwater harvesting is a great way of utilising this blessing from the sky. It is the best way to harvest and conserve water through different engineering techniques. The rainwater can be stored in tanks or containers or let it seep through the soil and put to multiple uses.

Its impact on ecosystem

Water is an important ingredient of an ecosystem, which is essential to maintain ecological equilibrium. Any pressure on natural resources creates a serious impact on the ecosystem. A balanced ecosystem enhances crop productivity, thus, improving the food supply and income of the farmers. It also leads to landscape regeneration and helps improves food, biomass, fodder, fibre and wood.  

Its impact on society

Rainwater is the answer to tackle water crisis around the world. As a large part of population in India stays in villages, farmers are at the mercy of rain to water their produce. Drought years wreak a havoc on the economy. So, during this time, conserved water is the saviour. Encouraging people plant more trees and horticultural crops using rainwater harvesting will provide income stability to the poor.

Rainwater harvesting at home

With monsoon around the corner, it's time we ready ourselves to tap this natural resource. One of the simplest ways is to use a rain barrel. You can use a simple HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) tank which is linked to a rainwater down-pipe. A first rain separator can be installed to separate first rainwater which is full of dust. The top of the rain barrel can have simple filters that filter out leaves, dirt and twigs. This water can be used for watering plants and cleaning the house. This water can also be used for drinking provided you keep the roof clean and let go the first rainwater. There is a simple H2S vial test to assess the presence of bacteria in water. You can also clean the water through water filter and use it for drinking and cooking. Alternatively, you can use beautifully designed rain chain to collect rainwater. The chain holds the rain water because of surface tension. The water then can be channelised into a storage tank.  

Promoting rainwater harvesting in India

A large number of states are utilising rainwater for creating a better tomorrow. Many homes in Kerala have dug up open wells where rooftop rainwater gets filtered and falls into the well. The aquifers are charged giving good quality water. Bengaluru and Chennai have a rainwater harvesting theme park and a rain centre respectively. Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh also make use of community-based rainwater harvesting system.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 15 2016

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