Interesting Ideas To Upcycle Waste Into Planters

Interesting Ideas To Upcycle Waste Into Planters

Interesting Ideas To Upcycle Waste Into Planters

The spring is setting in and this may be time for you to add a dash of colour to your garden. If you are planning to see a fresh bloom in your balcony or grow a kitchen garden, there are ways to do so in style without burning a hole in your pocket. This spring, add some quirk to your garden, avoid the usual, boring planters, and create some of your own.

MakaanIQ compiles some unusual do-it-yourself garden planters that you could create at home using waste items:

Tyre planters

Why throw your unrepairable car tyre? Why not use it as a planter instead? Paint the tyre from the outside, stick a base to it, and follow the usual planting process – add potting soil and then the plant or vegetable that you want to grow in the planter. If you have more tyres available, pile them up to create a taller planter.


planters tyre (Pinterest/carole tellier)


Did you find an old lantern while cleaning your storeroom? Don't throw it; use it as a planter. Fill it with potting soil and plant some bright small flowers. You could also paint the lantern or let the rustic look stay. Hang it in your balcony or the porch.


Old trunk

Aluminium trunks are not used for travelling purposes anymore, but we all seem to have them. Take them out and plant a variety of vegetables in them. Paint one or add some accessories to it, fill it with the potting soil and sow vegetable seeds. These trunks work well for people who have huge garden spaces.

2350b9fe5cbe624aa7f14eeb3ff1a9a3     (Pinterest/Evonda Botka)

Kitchen utensils

Have some waste or old kitchen utensils like cake-making tin containers or colanders? Paint them with bright colours, add the required potting soil and plant your desired flowers, or even vegetables. Hang them in your balcony using twine. You can also use old kettles and cups.

Planters colander             (Pinterest/Carol Guare)

Industrial pipes

Have spare industrial pipe lying at home since last renovation of your place? Slice them into different sizes and use them as planters. Just add a base to one of the open holes and follow the usual planting process. The wavy pattern on these pipes will add a rugged look to your garden. Place them in a line on your balcony wall or garden.

b9c33dc61bfed012a136c64367a2cd03(Pinterest/Damask Diva)

Rain gum boots

What do you do with the gum boots that don't fit your little ones anymore? Use them as planters, of course; plant some pretty flowers. These boots are mostly bright-coloured, so you don't have to work much on them; just skip to the planting process. They will look perfect when placed right next to your entrance door.

96186e29f017cb98557378a31d07bf8b        (Pinterest/Country Living)


Wine bottles, soft drink bottles, even oil bottles can be transformed into planters. You can cut these bottles into two halves and use both the pieces as planters. While one end of it will be a straight-line planter, the other can look like an hourglass.


Last Updated: Tue Jul 17 2018

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