Prevent termites from taking over your home!

Prevent termites from taking over your home!

Prevent termites from taking over your home!

Termites are wood-boring insects that are tremendously destructive to homes, furniture and other buildings. Termites are adaptable to ever-changing environments and atmospheres; therefore, they are tough to control and can cause serious structural damages. These insects are also very fast in their destructive powers as they are unseen and never stop working and eating their way through a home’s wooden structure. One should make every move to prevent the termites from taking over your home by taking into consideration the following:

As these insects feed off the cellulose in wood, they break down the furniture back into soil and dust. It is for this reason that only the treated wood is advised to be used in the furniture and any kind of untreated wood should not come in contact with the soil surrounding a home. The untreated wood becomes the entry point for the termites.

Know them: Termite identification is definitely the most important step in preventing infestation. Recognising and knowing the physical attributes of termites help in stopping the further damage. Termites have a more distinct appearance compared to ants. They are generally dark red in color. These insects are found in colonies like ants and their number in these colonies ranges in lakhs. Termites are generally between 1/8 of an inch to an inch long. As most of the people have not seen termites, recognizing them from termite tubes can be easy and less time consuming.

Control them: Controlling the spread of termites involves identifying and locating the nest and choosing the finest and most long-lasting eradication methods. One has to be always cautious with building inspections in termite-prone areas, for example, in independent homes. One should use naturally resistant or treated wood in homes, and in case of independent homes, chemical and physical soil barriers should be placed around the building. The treatment should be repeated after every 18 to 22 months to prevent any damage. The person who comes in for pest control treatment should thoroughly inspect the entire area for the insects. A few tools used by the professionals are as follows; one can use these handy things in order to check for termites and termite tubes in the home:

• Flashlight with bright light
• A Moisture Meter
• Box cutter & Tape
• Listening Device
• Home Inspection
• A termite sounding donger
• A crowbar or long screwdriver

A termite inspection is very helpful as the professional generally detects the old and damaged part of home and furniture, gives tips on future prevention and carries out the treatment to minimize the current termite infestation.

The first signs of termites typically show up on the exterior of the home; therefore, the perimeter of the home should be inspected thoroughly. All the dead bushes should be removed from the perimeter of the home as this can be a perfect place for termites to build their colonies. Within the interiors, search for termites in every room in the house, under the beds, behind the curtains and inside the cabinets. Termite tubes can be present on floor boards and thus are easily visible.

Last Updated: Thu Apr 03 2014

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