Power Your Home With Eclectic Style Décor

Power Your Home With Eclectic Style Décor

Power Your Home With Eclectic Style Décor
The eclectic style is a great way to equalise the design and décor of your home. Photos: (Dreamstime)

The eclectic style is a great way to bring equilibrium to the design and décor of a house. In such a style, a variety of styles and periods are infused through texture, colour, shape and finish. Although this style draws many applauds, it is difficult to achieve and maintain. If you also want to add this style to your home décor, here are the dos and the don'ts which will help you get it the right way.


Layout: A layout is one of the most important features to consider while adapting an eclectic style in home décor. The placement of furniture and accessories is an important aspect which should be considered in advance before you start buying your décor items.

Utilitarian factor: Putting aside designing a room, consider its utility in the first place. If it's a living room, consider the décor items according to their utility.

Colour theme: Pick one colour that serves as the unifying factor in the entire theme. The colour should work as an equaliser to compile and enhance the overall look.

Balance: Maintaining a balance in scale and symmetry is essential to keep harmony in the style.

Style: There is no harm in experimenting with different styles. However, wait till the room is ready and you have lived in it for a while. Add different styles to merge and get an eclectic style décor.


Focal Point: As the eclectic style is inspired from various styles from different time periods, your décor should not have multiple focal points. An accent wall, a fireplace or a large size decorative can be used to create the nerve centre of a room.

Inconsistency: When applying the eclectic style in your entire home décor, make sure there is no inconsistency in different rooms. Use different styles in different rooms, but make sure the rooms complement each other and do not appear disjointed.

Eclectic does not mean everything: Although, eclectic style means putting together different styles, it definitely does not mean that you can put everything. There is a thin line between matching the décor and making it distracting.


Last Updated: Wed Sep 28 2016

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