Porsche Design Tower Penthouse Sold For $25 Million

Porsche Design Tower Penthouse Sold For $25 Million

Porsche Design Tower Penthouse Sold For $25 Million

A luxury location, a luxury penthouse in a luxury tower licensed by a luxury automobile brand. Sounds like a dream home? Well it indeed is and it is sold out now for a whopping $25 million. Here is a penthouse at Porsche Design Tower, a property located in Miami. The complete tower is designed keeping in mind the US-luxury automobile brand Porsche, and has everything a luxury car lover could ever ask for.

The property, which was listed in April 2016, was put on the market for an asking price of $32.5 million. It has been developed by Dezer Development and nearly all 132 units in the tower are sold out already. “Anticipating that our residents view cars as a functional form of art like we do, we wanted to create the ultimate penthouse for collectors to display their particular form of art,” said Gil Dezer, President of Dezer Development, was quoted in Curbed.

MakaaniQ lists some interesting facts about this lavish property:

The four-storey penthouse is located on the 56th floor. It covers the top of the 60-storey Porsche Design Tower located on the Beach in Sunny Isles, Florida.

  • The most striking feature of the apartment building is the automated car elevator lift system, called Dezervator. So, no more parking issues. Just elevate your car through the lobby to the penthouse's four-car garage unit at 57th floor.
  • Live in luxury as the 16,915-sq-ft penthouse boasts four suite bedrooms which can also be converted into six bedrooms.
  • It has two dens or flex rooms, six and a half baths, two private pools, one rooftop, one terrace, two balconies and two breathtaking summer kitchens. The ceilings in some areas of the penthouse go as high as 20 foot.
  • The tower which was under construction until early 2017 will officially open in less than two weeks.  


Last Updated: Thu Apr 13 2017

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