Popular Colour Combinations For Modular Kitchens

Popular Colour Combinations For Modular Kitchens

Popular Colour Combinations For Modular Kitchens

Who wouldn’t love working in a kitchen that is technologically advanced and aesthetically appealing at the same time? If all things have been decided and you are confused about the colour scheme, let us help you make a decision. 

White & silver


A white kitchen is loved by all. And, adding a dash of silver not only breaks the monotony but also makes the space look brighter and luxurious. For those planning a white kitchen could add appliances, handles and lighting fixtures that are silver in colour. Take a cue from this kitchen.

Walnut & white


This contrast of a combination keeps the traditional wooden look alive in the kitchen without making it look dark. Rather, a dash of white in backsplash, flooring and cabinet shutters makes the kitchen bright along with adding a touch of modernity. 

Black & maple brown


 This colour combination works well for small kitchens in a house with contemporary decor. The light brown wooden cabinets paired with black countertops, appliances, lighting fixtures and chair, give the kitchen a modern sleek look. 

Orange, black & white


For those who love to be different, orange is one of the most sought-after colours for kitchens. However, use neutral colours along with it to ensure that this bright colour doesn't make your kitchen look too loud. For instance, adding of white and black could not only enhance the orange, but also ensure that it doesn't look over-the-top. 

Black & white


A black and white kitchen is perfect for a spacious kitchen. This combination can make the kitchen look luxurious. The matte black cabinets below coupled with white countertop, backsplash and top cabinets highlight the cooking area of the kitchen. Also, the overall spread of black in the above image gives an infinite look to the kitchen. 

Gray & ash brown


This could be one of the unique combinations you could pick for an open kitchen setup. You might think gray is a dull colour, but when combined with ash brown laminates for cabinets it makes the space look bright and easy on the eye. The matte gray is also perfect for contemporary homes. 

Shades of blue


Want to give your kitchen a unique and fashionable look? Try using blue. This is one of the most unusual yet appealing colour for a kitchen. Here a mix of ink blue for walls and powder blue for cabinets give a very European look to the kitchen. 

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Last Updated: Wed Jan 23 2019

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