Painting Ideas To Make Your Walls Come Alive

Painting Ideas To Make Your Walls Come Alive

Painting Ideas To Make Your Walls Come Alive

A house with blank walls is like a huge canvas waiting to be painted. How about reinventing it with striking wall patterns? A house painted in innovative designs will surely win the heart of your guests. And the exclusivity of your hues and patterns will make you and your home a talk of the town.

MakaanIQ lists some out-of-the-box ideas to make your walls stand out.

Multi-coloured waves

Spotting a rainbow is always delightful. Now, imagine doing something similar to the walls of your room. You can create colourful waves with a free hand and use a combination of light and dark hues. A kid's room can be painted in this pattern to make their childhood more colourful.

Typographic designs

Another classy way to add style to your walls is through typographic designs. You can paint your child's room with a large monogram. You can also decorate the walls of your study or bedroom with a personalised message to keep yourself motivated.

Horizontal and vertical stripes

Stripes form a popular design. However, you can make it interesting by using three colours instead of two. Use two contrasting hues and separate them with a thin white stripe in between. Another way is to create a vertical stripe with different widths. Again, use a white stripe to emphasise the two colours. Although they can go well with any room, the choice of your colours plays a crucial role in dictating the theme. You can simply use beige and white for your study, or create multi-coloured patterns for your drawing room.

Abstract design

Give your imagination wings by using abstract designs to paint your walls. Free yourself of any fixed pattern, and use the colours to create a design that would rejuvenate you. You can use a golden hue on a light blue wall to create a design that becomes your signature style.

Colour blocking

A great way to paint your walls is through colour-blocking. In this, you can create colour blocks using multiple shades and segregate them with white frames. You can also use one wall of your room and paint rectangles using all colours that are there in the room.  

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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