Organise Your Closets and Cabinets in a Better Way

Organise Your Closets and Cabinets in a Better Way

Organise Your Closets and Cabinets in a Better Way

There can never be enough storage space. Irrespective of the size of the house, there is always some stuff which needs to be put away. If your wardrobe looks like a floordrobe and you can not fit food containers in your pantry, it is a clear indication that you need to clear out and organise your closets and cabinets. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your wardrobes and cabinets in a more organised way.

Spruce up first

Spruce Up(Dreamstime)

The first move to organise your closet is to clear them of unnecessary and unused things. Whether it's your wardrobe, child's closet or pantry, declutter and dispose everything that you do not need. The process may not be that simple and you may have to repeat clearing the place again and again.  

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Choose shoe storage wisely

Shoe Storage (pinterest.Jane Fitfabfun)(Pinterest.Jane Fitfabfun)

Firstly, choose a shoe rack or storage that you will actually use for the purpose. An easy way to choose the storage and arrange the shoes is by choosing open and flexible shelves. You can always adjust the height of the organiser by the height of the shoe, for example, you may at times need to keep long boots in the rack which need more space than your regular formals. Another solution is to avoid putting shoes in boxes. Instead, keep them in shoe bags to save more space.

Use labelled bins or clear containers

labelled bins


Stash soft items in your closet such as swimwear or workout clothes in bins and keep them on higher shelves as you do not need them often. Use clear containers to keep accessories such as belts, wallets or scarves. You not only save space but also gets a designated place to keep them in order and together.

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Arrange kids clothes orderly



For organising kids' clothes, consider ditching the hangers and keeping them in small bins or boxes. As they are small in size, they can easily fit into the boxes and grabbed quickly as and when required. If you want to keep the hangers, arrange the clothes by sorting them by size or age.

Keep your pantry sorted

Pantry basket ((allcomforthvac.com))(allcomforthvac.com)

While cooking, the biggest challenge is to somehow find that missing ingredient. In all the clutter, the most important spice sometimes goes missing! This happens because your pantry is filled and packed with all the items together at one place. To make things organised, divide your food items into different categories and keep them in small baskets so that they are handy too. You can also sort the contents by themes like salty, baking and desserts.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 19 2017

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