On A Vacation In The West? You Can Rent These 5 Celebrity Homes

On A Vacation In The West? You Can Rent These 5 Celebrity Homes

On A Vacation In The West? You Can Rent These 5 Celebrity Homes

Are you star struck? Want to live the lifestyle of a movie star? Want to see the homes they live in?
It would surely be a dream come true if we tell you that there are home you can rent from the celebrity "landlords" while you are on a vacation to the West.
MakaaniQ lists five celebrity homes that can rented for a vacation:
Jim Morrison, West Hollywood

Jim Morrison West Hollywood(vacationkey.com)

Are you a fan of rock music? Then you should not miss living in the iconic property of American music icon Jim Morrison in West Hollywood. This is the home in which Morrison lived, made music and even wrote poetry. The property will take you back in time with The Doors memorabilia and its vintage furniture. It has a décor that takes cue from the 1960s, including beads hanging in doorways, floral shower curtains and pop-coloured walls. A small property with two bedrooms close to the Sunset Strip, it can be rented for $3,180 for a minimum of 30 nights.

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Elizabeth Taylor, Palm Springs

Elizabeth Taylor Palm Springs(Upscale Living Magazine)
Yesteryear British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor's retro-chic home in Palm Spring can be rented on per-night basis. Called Casa Elizabeth, the property's unique feature includes its high ceilings, original works of art and a luxurious swimming pool. The classic property has an eclectic décor covered in bright colours, adorning luxurious chandeliers and pink walls. A vacation property, it can accommodate up to eight people with a rental starting at $560 per night and going up to $650 a night during the prime season.
Bob Dylan, West Saugerties

Bob Dylan, West Saugerties(Wikimedia)

Called the Big Pink, this property showcases a musician's life perfectly. Musician Bob Dylan's home in West Saugerties is a property boasts of a huge basement which was used by Dylan as a retreat when he used to write songs and make music. The property has a mid-century look with a pastel pink façade and is surrounded by natural scenery and woods.  The secluded and casual vibe of this property is what makes it unique. So, if you are set for a retreat to the woods, opt for this property that has furnishings of the 1960s. Spread in an area of 1,850 square foot with three bedrooms and a sunroom, the home can accommodate nine guests at a given time and can be rented for $650 a night.

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Frank Sinatra, Palm Springs

Frank Sinatra Palm Springs(Pinterest)

The evergreen singer Frank Sinatra's home in Palm Spring can be rented for a vacation. Called the Palm Springs, this property oozes luxury with four bedrooms and seven baths and a piano-shaped swimming pool. The property has a mix of modern and mid-century décor. And if you are die-hard fan of Sinatra, here is good news for you. You get to see his original recording studio during your stay. Also, get to browse through his tunes, see his collection of memorabilia and art. Interestingly, the property restores a sink that has a chipped corner which is said happened when Sinatra threw a champagne bottle. This property can accommodate eight guests at a time and can be rented for $2,600 per night.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Palm Springs

Leonardo DiCaprio Palm Springs(thespaces.com)

Do you still have a crush on Jack from the movie Titanic? You could now live in one of his properties. Environmentalist and Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio gives away his Palm Springs property on rent for $4,500 a night. Live in a property that offers A-listed amenities. Constructed in 1964, the 1.34-acre property features six bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms in the main house. It also has a guest house, a tennis court with adjoining casita, and an in-ground pool.

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