Now, Your Smartphone Can Double Up As Your Home Assistant

Now, Your Smartphone Can Double Up As Your Home Assistant

Now, Your Smartphone Can Double Up As Your Home Assistant
There are a range of household electronic items, from sensors and lightings to power sockets, which can be controlled right from your handheld device. All you need is a wi-fi connection and a smartphone.

Do you often get frustrated when you realise on your way to work that you forgot to switch off the AC at home? Don't you hate it when you have to leave your bed just to turn off the light before retiring for the day? In our everyday life, there are numerous occasions where we wish someone could fill in for us. Don't worry, your smartphone can be your saviour. There is a range of household electronic items – from sensors and lightings to power sockets – that can be controlled using your handheld device. All you need is a wi-fi connection and a smartphone.

MakaanIQ lists four smart devices that you can operate with your phone to stay in control of your life and home.

  • Lights

Nineteen per cent of the total energy consumed in the world is used for lighting purposes. Also, six per cent of the greenhouse emission is accounted for by lighting. There are some 'smart lighting' products available in the market that come with a companion smartphone application to allow the user to change colour and brightness or set timings for the lights. All you need is connecting the base station to your wi-fi router, installing the bulbs and brightening up your space.

  • Security Systems

Most of the home security systems come in distributed modules that can be connected to your personal wi-fi network. There are certain products that allow communication to the mobile device of your choice. After downloading their companion app, you can even access security camera footage over your network. The interface of application also allows you to lock/unlock doors with a tap.

  • Thermostats

People spend a lot of their time struggling to maintain the ideal room temperature. Well, smart thermostats can come to your aid. Tony Fadell, the man who designed the iPod, has, for instance, come up with an innovation called Nest Thermostat. This gadget studies your habits and analyses your routine to find the 'right' temperature. Such devices, which can be controlled from a smartphone, automatically turn off cooling or heating when the room is empty.

  • Pet feeders

Its' not always possible to feed your pet on scheduled time as your work and other commitments keep you away from home for long. Thanks to pet feeders, your pet won't starve. Fitted with a camera and a dispenser, these feeders give fodder to your pet at your command. The connected applications of some such food dispensers deliver visual confirmation to your mobile phone so that you can work in peace.

Modern home automation systems are a result of Internet of Things (IoT), an idea which concurs that several devices can be connected to the same network and can work in tandem. In other words, IoT means your appliances can talk to each other over the internet. Some electronic majors have already started delivering smart home solutions based on IoT, but those are highly priced. Until such devices become more widely available and less expensive, decentralised systems are consumers' best option to enter the world of 'smart homes'.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 10 2017

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