Now, An App To Manage Your Home And Child Safety

Now, An App To Manage Your Home And Child Safety

Now, An App To Manage Your Home And Child Safety

“Dad, I have finished my homework, please unlock the TV.”

You might be at work but with an automated house, you can manage many such scenarios and ensure that you might be at work but can easily manage your home.

Smart, automated homes are not futuristic. A few years ago, these were made out to be a thing of the future, meant for a limited set of home buyers most of whom were either corporate honchos or the well-travelled folks who wanted to bring back some element of the far away land into their homes. Some others who took to automated homes were the corporate offices who would lease out such homes to foreign nationals or NRIs who would be visiting India for business purposes. In short, automated homes were a luxury few could afford. But what if I tell you that automated homes would cost you anywhere between Rs 80,000 to Rs 1 lakh for a basic range or even less if you are looking at only certain bits? Sounds interesting, right? Here's what you need to know then.

There are several companies in the market working to make your home management easier, even in your absence. Whether you are on a vacation or dining out or even when you are at work, you never need to compromise on the safety aspect. Propguide reached out to Upwan Saini, director, Domautics, to talk about how these automated homes work.

“Your home electrical switches are fitted with small concealed controllers which communicate on wireless technologies with the TalkingHomes application on your android or IOS phone,” said Saini. So what are the various situations wherein such automated homes become extremely useful? Saini gives us a few scenarios-

• Maid Lock: You can control what your maid operates while you are away. Want to keep her glued to work than the TV? It's a click away.
• Child Lock: If you do not want your child to operate microwaves, TVs in your absence, you can manage these from anywhere you want.
• Preset your geysers to heat water at any given time of the day and for any length of time before it automatically switches off.
• Worried whether you have left the AC on? Or confused whether you forgot to switch off the lights because when you left the house, there was no electricity? It can be managed!
• You don't want electricity supply to a lifesaving appliance of your ageing parents to turn off even by mistake. You can use the 'manual override' feature in your app.
• Getting back home exhausted on a hot, sunny day? Preset your AC to cool the room even before you enter so that your room is just the perfect haven when you arrive!
• Despite all these, if you forget something, the app will alert you.
Much of the above would make it look hard to afford. However, Saini says, “Home automation is no more a luxury. With TalkingHomes, it's an affordable necessity”. Besides, it is highly secure and there is a two-level authentication -- a user name and password as well as an IMEI number registration. It can be easily managed on Wi-Fi, GSM & Sub-Gig.

So, how is it different from CCTV cameras? “In CCTV solutions, you have to see keep seeing the video to keep track of activities at your home, which is a reactive approach. You may have to keep seeing long videos to look for an incident, which is practically difficult especially when you are at work. More often than not, the CCTV footage is a forensic tool after the incident has happened. TalkingHomes gives a proactive approach by alerting you by features like letting you control all electrical appliances at home from anywhere, 'who-is-at-my-door', gas-leak etc,” says Saini.

What's more interesting? It takes only about 6 -8 hours to completely automate a 3BHK unit and you can easily retrofit without having to change your cables, wires or switches! While the country is keen on Smart Cities, the base of being smart rests on how efficiently you have managed technology and energy consumption even at home.

Last Updated: Wed Dec 28 2016

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