No Closet In Your Bedroom? Here Are 7 Interesting Ways To Create Storage

No Closet In Your Bedroom? Here Are 7 Interesting Ways To Create Storage

No Closet In Your Bedroom? Here Are 7 Interesting Ways To Create Storage

Living in a bedroom with no closet giving you jitters? An unmanaged and cluttered bedroom is the last thing you would want to have. In case you have a bedroom that doesn’t come fitted with a closet due to space constraints, you could still create space for storage.

MakaaniQ lists seven interesting ways to create storage for your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Buy a clothes rack

Easily available in the market in different shapes, sizes, material and price points, pick what suits best for you. These moveable racks must be designed to carry your clothes, accessories and shoes all at one place. An open display will help you pick your clothes quick and also, allow you to even find clothes that you have forgotten about.

Find space behind your bed

Is there a space left behind your bed? In case you are yet to move in, we suggest buying a bed with no headboard and rather turn your back wall into an open closet. Taking up the role of a headboard, the colourful hanging clothes in the background would add the much-needed vibrancy to your bedroom.  

Store your shoes vertically

Have an old rustic ladder at home? It is time to utilise it. Position this ladder and bring out all your pair of shoes and hang them vertically one by one on the ladder. This would give you room to flaunt your favourite and priced pairs. This is an ultimate way of storage if you have a wide collection of heels.

In your bed

In case you have a bed that comes with a storage like a box underneath, use this space to keep your belongings. Although a task, this is the best way to keep your room clutter free.

Under your bed

Now a space under your bed is also a clutter-free way to organise your things. If you have a bed that doesn’t have a bed box and is placed at a certain height, we recommend you invest in right-sized storage boxes. Store your stuff and move them under your bed.

Install it on the wall

Nowadays you can find many homeware stores offer do-it-yourself kits. For walls, you could find shelves, racks and even drawers. Using all these together you could create a wardrobe of your own. Buy some racks under which you could install a rod to hang your clothes, while on top of the rack you could place your handbags. Place some drawers on the floor to store your shoes and other small accessories. On top of the drawers, place your books, frames or other decorative to complete the look.

Last Updated: Mon Aug 27 2018

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