Examining The Many Kitchen Layouts

Examining The Many Kitchen Layouts

Examining The Many Kitchen Layouts

Our work stations might be the sweat shop, and that is endurable. What we certainly don’t want is a kitchen that turns into another sweat shop. We want a space that provides us ease of doing business here, don’t we? Well, a lot of this would depend on how you utilise the space. It is in this context that we would discuss the various kitchen layouts. We would also talk about which home-type they suit the best.

I-shaped kitchen


Also known as the one-wall kitchen, this layout has a single wall of cabinetry and shelf. This layout works well for smaller homes such as studio apartments or 1BHK flats. In such a setting, the sink is mostly placed in the centre while the hob is placed towards the end. Appliances in such a kitchen are placed towards the starting point.

U-shaped kitchen

Modular Kitchen

This three-walled kitchen layout works the best if the golden triangle rule is followed. In such an arrangement, the sink, the cooking top and the refrigerator are placed in a triangle formation equidistant from each other. This kitchen does justice to large spaces. In such a kitchen, the cabinetry can be installed on either two or all the three walls, keeping some space available for a chimney.

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G-shaped kitchen

Modular Kitchen Abodekraftz

Similar to that of a U-shaped kitchen, G-shaped layout is also built on three walls but has an additional peninsula which acts as a partial wall that could have more cabinets and a counter space. The additional counter space can be used as a bar island for having meals. This kitchen is also well suited for spacious homes.

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L-shaped kitchen


A two-walled layout, an L-shaped kitchen is suitable for smaller homes. This design maximises the corner space and allows flexibility of placement of the appliances. The two walls can be easily used to install cabinetry, giving you ample storage. Although one could extend the leg of the L as long as you want, experts suggest do not go beyond 15 foot. In case any longer, the user will not be able to use the space efficiently.

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Galley kitchen


In a galley kitchen, the two walls run parallel and have one or two open ends. Here the cabinetry is installed on the two parallel walls. In homes where multiple users work at the same time, this layout is perfect. With two separate peninsulas, the users enjoy ease of movement and enough space to work. This kitchen is suitable for both small and large homes.

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