Planning A Modular Kitchen? These Ceiling Ideas Are For You

Planning A Modular Kitchen? These Ceiling Ideas Are For You

Planning A Modular Kitchen? These Ceiling Ideas Are For You

Experts suggest that kitchen ceilings are expected to be at least eight-feet high. In a space where food is cooked, smooth air movement is a must to ensure there is enough room to breathe. However, there are some ways to design the ceiling that would ensure more space and light in your kitchen.

MakaaniQ lists some ceiling design ideas and FAQs that could come handy when designing a kitchen.



A curved ceiling can make the kitchen look spacious as well as luxurious. This white kitchen coupled with white curved ceiling makes the kitchen look big, bright and airy. 



Are you inspired by the homes back in villages? Beams could fulfill your aim of giving your kitchen an old-school look. The otherwise elegant kitchen has been given a rustic look with beams and industrial lamps. 



The name says it all. This ceiling that looks like a tray with a deeper centre adds room to the kitchen. It gives an illusion of a higher ceiling making the kitchen look brighter and spacious. 



Want to give your kitchen a texture? Try coffered ceiling. In this image, the classic wooden kitchen has been complemented by a coffered ceiling adding opulence to the space. However, experts suggest that an eight-feet clearance in important for such a ceiling. 



Create a perception of large space in your otherwise small kitchen with vaulted ceiling. Viable on kitchens in top floors, vaulted ceiling also take you back in time. 

Here are certain things you need to know before you upgrade the ceiling of your kitchen.

  • Material that can be used to make a ceiling include drywall, ceiling tiles, wood boards, wood beams, drop ceiling and glass. 
  • White is one of the widely used colour for the kitchen ceiling for it works with any colour combination you pick for your kitchen.
  • Avoid installing cabinets that touch the ceiling. These become inaccessible unless you use a ladder to place or fetch something. 

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Last Updated: Wed Jan 23 2019

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