5 Ways To Give Your Home A Mediterranean Makeover

5 Ways To Give Your Home A Mediterranean Makeover

5 Ways To Give Your Home A Mediterranean Makeover

The word “mediterranean” gives you a feel of a house that provides the coolness of the sea breeze and also the warmth of the sand on a summer beach. Taking its cue from some of south European countries, including Greece, Spain and Italy, this decor theme is apt for homes that want to beat the heat with cool indoors. In such a theme, earthy colours, soft fabrics and rustic decor, designed with a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, together help bring down the temperature indoors. This makes an apt theme for Indian homes that face the wrath of hot summer sun for months together.

So, if you are planning to add the “cool” quotient to your home, try the mediterranean beach theme by following these tips.



In a mediterranean setting, colours can be spread on the floor. Take inspiration from homes that have tiles in various shades of blue giving a feel of the sea. Ceramic tiles in dark colours can make your floor look and feel cool. To further create a visual impact you could use printed tiles, too. These can be spread on the floor or used to decorate the plain riser in the staircase of your home.



Use of soft and natural fabrics across the house can also add a dash of coolness to the home. Organza or chiffon curtains, jute or linen upholstery and cotton drapes are apt for a mediterranean setting. These light fabrics ensure that heat is not absorbed and released into the house and also, allow the flow of air all around the home. You could buy pastel shades of these summer fabrics to create a perfect contrast with the bright flooring, too, just like sand and sea.



Use certain elements in your home that could create the drama. For instance, you could install dramatic lighting that could act as a focal point in your home. You could also install in a life-size decorative that goes well with your mediterranean home decor theme. Use of one focal point is enough for the theme. This way you don’t really need to add too many elements, so that your home looks spacious and airy.



Going mediterranean is synonymous to going organic. Invest in products that are earthen or manufactured using natural material. For instance, invest in dinnerware that is made of clay, sourced right from the potter. Why not? Even the elders say that water from an earthen pot is any day better that having a bottle of chilled water right out of your refrigerator.

You could find printed or coloured option or you could bring home the plain ones and paint them yourselves. Also, about the fabrics we mentioned earlier could be organic, too.



For a mediterranean theme, a pattern is important. For instance, your decor influenced is, say, palm leaves, use this pattern in various forms. You could have a wallpaper of a palm-leaves pattern, place potted plants with leaves that are similar to that of palm, use the green in your upholstery subtly. You could have a different pattern for each room -- a beach theme for bedroom, a the cobbled-street theme for kitchen, among others.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 16 2019

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