Make Your Home Look Bigger And Better

Make Your Home Look Bigger And Better

Make Your Home Look Bigger And Better

A small home is a reality in metros and many other cities. This should not stop you from making it look bigger and better. One way is not to cramp them or overfill them with as much furniture that can make it cramped. However, many make the mistake of decorating a small home with extremely basic furniture making it dull and drab. This kind of compromise is not necessary, either.

There are many ways to decorate a small home and make it look bigger too :

1. Keep it small: A living room is not just about the furniture it holds. You also require as much walking space in it. To make sure that it serves both purposes, go for furniture that is just about enough. If you are a small family, prefer a double-seater sofa instead of a full-sized one. Use furniture with legs as opposed to those that fill the entire area. If you want to accommodate guests too, place a thin small stool at the other end of the wall, instead of going for many chairs. A longish stool can serve multiple purposes in addition to providing extra seating. It will also not occupy too much space.

2. Tables & storage: Replace a coffee table with a side table at the ends of the sofa. It looks elegant and also serves the purpose. A glass coffee table with wooden legs can create the illusion of not filling the entire room. If you have a study table, make sure that it does not have too many drawers as that makes it look bulky. If possible go for study tables that stick to the wall and keep it as thin as possible. Go for book cases that have multiple shapes and not linear. That will not make the shelf look too big for the room. Use pullouts from walls to use as storage.

3. Colour it light: Light colours can make the home look bright as opposed to darker colours that can fill the room. More light means more space. Colour the ceilings with light colours as well. You need not stick to cream and white either, you can use pastels and very light versions of pink and purple too on alternate walls of lighter colours. Keep the texture of the furniture as light as possible too.   

4. Add more lights: A lot of clear white light can make a room look airy and bigger. Make sure that there is enough bright lighting with lamps and others too. In the daylight hours, keep the windows open and make sure that the windows are as large as possible. Use light colours or lacier drapes to cover them. It will ensure that the room looks bigger and cheerier.

5. Open the doors: Except for bedrooms, edit away the doors of the house. Closing and opening doors can occupy space and be an unwanted accessory. Leave the entry way to kitchen and other areas, open. If they are unused pathways to bedrooms and other areas, add lights to them so that they are united with the home.

6. Accessories should be few: Every house requires photos and painting and other accessories that make it a home. In a small home, use few of them. Instead of two or three photographs, use one large family picture. Instead of many smaller paintings, use one larger painting. Fewer distinct paintings cut the clutter as well.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 10 2017

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