Luxury Homes Are More Than What You Thought Them To Be

Luxury Homes Are More Than What You Thought Them To Be

Luxury Homes Are More Than What You Thought Them To Be

Living a luxurious lifestyle is a dream of many. Owing to increase in purchasing power, more and more Indians prefer to buy luxury homes in India. But luxury living is not just confined to large spaces, posh location or high-end specifications. Luxury housing is much more than just swimming pools, gyms and themed features. Some of the world's richest home buyers across the globe define luxury as a mix of eco-friendly and plush architectural features.

MakaaniQ finds out what apart from space, materials, features, and locations, define a true luxury home.

Smart home technology

Smart home technologies are in high demand these days, technologies that monitor and manage systems inside and outside the house. Whether it is locking the doors or controlling the thermostat, variable-speed air conditioning, appliances, music and lights, one can look after their home from anywhere in the world using smartphones.  

Open floor plans

Open floor plans have become the desired interior floor plan trend. The modern luxury homes do not see separate areas like the kitchen and the dining room. They all come together as one large living space for a more comfortable and flexible living experience. More and more luxury home buyers are nowadays citing open plan spaces as number one criteria when considering a luxury home.

Higher ceilings

The floor-to-ceiling height for luxury homes in India is close to 12 feet. Taller ceilings provide a feeling of spaciousness, elegance and help in keeping the room cooler. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows, offering splendid views truly compliment high-ceiling interiors.

Eco-friendly features

The choice of construction material as well as the interiors of the house truly reflect its luxury features. This includes LED lighting, solar panels and super levels of insulation including laminated double-glazed windows. Other features include energy efficient modern building materials like exposed concrete, steel superstructure, etc.

Indoor/outdoor living

Backyards and spacious patios are a symbol of luxury. Other features which define luxurious indoor/outdoor living entail floor to ceiling doors which seamlessly slide into the wall and open into a backyard, outdoor kitchens with outdoor seating, water elements like an infinity pool, a fire pit, to name a few. Permeable paving and drought tolerant plants for water efficient irrigation constitute other luxury features for swanky indoor and outdoor living. Out-of-the-box features such as outdoor showers and meditation gardens further add to the beauty of a luxury home.

Breathtaking views

A home may have all specifications and amenities which would make it truly world-class but if it lacks a beautiful window view, it isn't qualifying as luxurious. An apartment overlooking a busy highway will certainly impact its rental or resale potential.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 20 2017

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