Lounge, Sleep, Repeat: 6 Types Of Diwans You Can House In Your Home

Lounge, Sleep, Repeat: 6 Types Of Diwans You Can House In Your Home

Lounge, Sleep, Repeat: 6 Types Of Diwans You Can House In Your Home

When buying a furniture for your home, you would have commonly heard of a type of furniture called Diwan. A concept popular in India, this furniture is a makeshift bed, which can also be doubled as a couch, a sattee or a sofa depending on its design. 

So, lounge on it during the day or sleep tight during the night, these beds are a must-have for every home.

MakaaniQ lists different types of diwans you could have in your home depending on your décor style:

The more-of-a-couch diwan


This kind of diwan is designed with more of a couch look. With a back covered with cushions and a narrow seating, this bed serves as a perfect couch and also as your nap pad. This size of diwan fits well in a studio apartment as it doesn't take much space and also, serves the dual purpose. If you are a single living in an apartment this could be your money and space-saver.

The sofa-cum-bed diwan

sofa cum bed


These are the modular diwans. Foldable in design, these look like a couch with back and arms when folded, when opened these turn in a bed where the back acts as the headrest. These are well-fitted for smaller rooms and even for kids room where you could fold this diwan and create a room for children to play during the day, while it can double up as bed during the night.

For the kids

kids diwan


Another idea for a children's room could be a diwan set right next to the wall with well-covered sides making it safe for them to sleep. This could be a square-shaped design as children are not that tall and so it doesn't need much length, while the square shape would give them enough room to sit on it and play. Make sure this design doesn't have much height for the child to easily climb up and down.

Next to the window

window seating diwan(kainalu)

Always dreamt of window seating area, where you could read, sip your cuppa or just lie down watching the nature? Create an in-built diwan right next to the window. A well-ventilated area to just sit or even sleep, this could be decorated using luxurious cushions, bright-coloured covers and some bookshelves on the sides. Also, you could create cabinets under this piece of furniture. 

Swing it

swing diwan(hammocksswingsmp)

This could be unusual yet fun. Do you like swings and want to have that piece of furniture in your home? Get a swinging diwan designed for your home. Made from leather or other comfortable yet luxurious fabric, ensure that this is well-harnessed and designed to take weight on it for not to just sit but also, lie down or sleep. This could also act as a focal point for your home.

Store in it

Design a diwan that is a little high next to a wall and you could create storage underneath. It can be in the form of drawers, cabinets or even pull-up cover. Keep this in your kid's room and you could store her bedding, toys and even summer or winter wardrobe. Or, keep it in your living room and you could store extra furnishings, books, or anything under the sun.


Last Updated: Wed Jun 07 2017

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